Silver Creek High School supports Pope John Paul II H.S.

Students, faculty, parents and friends of Silver Creek High School donated over $500 in money and gift cards from national department/hardware store cards to the school.  In addition, they sent the students and staff over 200 holiday cards to remind them that they were not forgotten during the holiday season.  Kent Willmann organized the effort and arranged for shipping packages with the cards and money to Pope John Paul just before the holiday break.  Thee following letter will be posted throughout the school to let students and staff know how much their contributions and efforts meant to their adopted school friends.

"Kent: (Kent Willmann)

I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch since we spoke on the phone before Christmas. We've been back in school for a week now and it feels like we never left. Semester ends this week and we are also consumed with final preparations for our annual Open House when we invite potential students and parents to visit the school for an evening, So many details and so few hours in the day!

We received the packages from Silver Creek High School and were touched by the sentiments expressed in the many, many "Katrina Kards" and notes. Your package arrived on the last day of school before the break but we distributed many of them to our students and hung the rest in the hallways where they remind Our students daily that they are not alone and that the thoughts and prayers of another community are with them. There is no substitute for this kind of support and no words of thanks are adequate enough.

Our thanks to your school community for their generosity. Their donations will be used to offset the cost of additional textbooks for our displaced students starting our second semester off on the right foot. The Target gift cards will be used to purchase school supplies for our students as needed.

We will send a special thank you to Silver Creek High School within the coming weeks. In the meantime, please extend our heartfelt thanks to your students, parents, faculty and staff for their generosity and support in the aftermath of Katrina.

Annemarie Furphy

Development Director

Pope John Paul II Catholic H.S."