Observations of Jason Koch on the first truck to New Orleans *

Well, with the help of Rocky Mountain Christian Church and Buehler Moving & Storage, we were able to complete another much needed trip to New Orleans.

This time we loaded the trailer with donated school furniture and textbooks from the St. Vrain school district in Longmont, Colorado.  As you can see from the pictures, we were able to take several cafeteria tables, several hundred school desks, close to a hundred chairs, and 8 pallets of used textbooks.  The pictures that I have included (see link below) cannot due justice to the devastation surrounding the New Orleans area.  All the kids that you see in the pictures are seniors from Archbishop Rummel High School.  Bob Whitman, the gentleman who, along with Lennie Wohler, coordinated everything on the New Orleans end, is a counselor at this school.  Lennie is Director of Learning.

Man do these kids have heart!  I did notice one thing from everyone that I met, they have not lost hope.  After we ate lunch at a local restaurant, Bob didn't hesitate to take me around the city to show me the progress that is being made.  Although slow, it is coming.  Many people are still sleeping in tents in their front yards because there is nowhere else to go.  Most of the city is still without power.  We unloaded my truck at a grocery store that was about 3 blocks from the infamous Wal-Mart that was heavily looted.

 This grocery store (Robert's) was completely looted as well.  The director of Operations for Robert's, Miguel Medina,  (the gentleman in the blue dress shirt), said there are no plans to rebuild at this time.  It was certainly gracious for him to donate the store for the warehousing of this furniture!

 I want you all to know how blessed I truly am to be able to touch these people in a small way.  With the help of the company that I work for, Crown Moving Co. out of Raleigh, NC, or Buehler Moving & Storage out of Denver, we will be able to get the other 9 truckloads of furniture down to New Orleans for a fair and reasonable rate.  Although Rocky Mountain Christian Church and Buehler Moving & Storage have not gotten the recognition that they deserve, I want everyone to know that without them, neither one of my trips to the gulf region would have been possible.  For that I am grateful!

I hope you all have a blessed week!

Jason Koch

* Jason donated his time and truck to make this trip happen.  Members of the Rocky Mountain Christian Church  donated funds to cover the costs for fuel and other expenses.


Pictures of the trip