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Benchmark One, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with AELTA Professional Development Center

DENVER, COLORADO – March 15, 2014

Benchmark One, Inc. a leading provider of performance development software solutions and services for the education community and AELTA Professional Development Center, announce the formation of a strategic partnership. An initial focus of this partnership is the pursuit of joint projects with the Ministry of Education for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Education of the Sultanate of Oman. The strategic partnership projects showcase the capabilities of Benchmark and AELTA Professional Development Center and the two companies anticipate additional avenues of growth and development for education business opportunities throughout the world. The new partnership is expected to fast-track Benchmark One’s development and delivery of its comprehensive, cutting edge performance management software to meet domestic and international mandates and legislation for school improvement.

Benchmark, through its partnership with AELTA Professional Development Center is poised to design and propose the infrastructure and assembled the team of educational expertise to provide required educational services to assist the Sultanate in building the capacity to initiate and sustain school improvement processes throughout their schools and to develop national systems necessary to license and evaluate teacher performance. This Benchmark designed infrastructure and team, in combination with AELTA Professional Development Center, provides an excellent solution for education projects in the GCC (Gulf Coast Countries).

Integral to this effort is the inclusion of Benchmark’s flagship performance management software as a critical tool for tracking, managing, analyzing and sustaining progress throughout and beyond these educational initiatives.

“We are pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with AELTA Professional Development Center,” said Kelly Cobean, CEO of Benchmark One. “This relationship gives Benchmark One the opportunity for exponential international market growth for our flagship software product, PD Master™ and programs developed through the Educational Services Division.”

Helen Ryley, Vice President, Benchmark One, Education Services Division, said, “Developing and delivering on opportunities to impact the teaching and learning of children in any educational environment is the mission of an educator. The opportunity to impact the quality of education for schools throughout the country is monumental. Our partnership with AELTA Professional Development Center opens that door in epic ways.”

Today’s announcement is a classic example of the power achieved by combining organizational strengths and market access through business partnerships – enhancing business opportunities for both parties.

About Benchmark One

Benchmark One, Inc., a privately held corporation, was founded in 1995 and has established a presence in the education and corporate marketplace. The Company has provided staff development services and program management for the US Department of Education, the Colorado Department of Education, the Midwest Regional Education Laboratory (McREL), the Education Commission of the States (ECS), and a wide range of school districts and regional education centers in more than 25 states and Canada.

Benchmark One has a long history of developing and directing system-wide organizational improvement through an extensive cadre of highly trained and experienced educators and project management professionals.

Information on Benchmark One products and services is available at

About AELTA Professional Development Center

The American English Language Teachers' Association (AELTA) began as an organization created to link American English teachers employed in various schools around the world. AELTA serves as a medium for teacher-teacher communication, allowing teachers to share their experiences, ideas and expertise with one another. The association collaborates with educators, educational organizations and institutions in the continental USA to promote quality education.

AELTA services include: recruiting assistance for international schools, curriculum consultation, ELT and ESP course design, and staff development training. Members receive a monthly newsletter that provides up-to-date teaching techniques and recent developments in school communities globally.
Members also have access to archived lesson plans and categorized links.


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