The secret behind truly great email marketing campaigns isn’t just talent alone—though, we’d be remiss to not recognize the importance of quality writers and designers. Unfortunately, all the talent in the world isn’t enough without data, analytics, functionality, and tests. 

That’s where email marketing tools come into play.

Let’s look at some of the best email marketing tools that your competitors are using to make the best campaigns possible.


Hatchbuck is an all-in-one customer relationship management and marketing software solution. A scalable solution, made for businesses small and growing, Hatchbuck offers a streamlined CRM and sales automation platform.

But what does that have to do with email?

Your CRM data directly integrates with Hatchbuck’s email marketing system, allowing you to manage your email lists, create beautiful templates, and contact your customers right from their interface. 

We also offer marketing automation features that allow you to set up notifications and actions to contact leads when they click a specific link or visit a certain page. Hatchbuck is a powerful, affordable option and starts at $29/month for all the bells and whistles.


Hubspot offers a free CRM, but that’s not where the email marketing power resides.

Check out their Marketing Hub, which allows you to create beautiful, on-brand and personalized emails quickly and easily. What sets Hubspot apart is that their marketing platform integrates not only with email, but all areas of your in-bound marketing. From one software, you can manage your company’s blogging and landing pages, which you can then feature in your marketing emails.

Hubspot is a one-stop inbound marketing shop at $800/month. If you only want email design and automation, their pricing starts at $50/month.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark’s claim to fame is a simple to use platform that allows small business owners to create their marketing emails, manage automation, and place sign-ups on their website with ease. Their A/B testing and in-software analytics also offer easy-to-digest, beautifully designed graphs that help owners easily visualize their email trends.

Benchmark is priced based on email subscribers. Their pricing begins at free for 2,000 subscriptions and scales up from there.

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has been a fixture in email marketing for years and they’ve earned that reputation well. Their drag-and-drop email builder is one of the best in the business, with beautiful templates and an intuitive interface. 

Automation and personalization can sometimes be intimidating to new users, but Campaign Monitor makes it easy to incorporate engaging elements in into your emails and send them at the perfect time or trigger.

Campaign Monitor is priced based on volume and starts at $9/month. 

email on acid

Email on Acid

Email on Acid isn’t an email builder; it’s an email checker. Have you ever wondered what your emails look like rendered on different browsers, operating systems, and cell phones? Email on Acid allows you to see exactly what your customers see by simply forwarding them your email design.

You can hit the send button with confidence, after using Email on Acid, that all of your customers are getting the exactly experience you intended. 

Their premium service also tests email for spam analytics, allowing you to ensure that your visuals and verbiage aren’t triggering major spam filters. This means more of your emails will get to the inbox you intended.

Email on Acid starts at $55/month.


Drip is an ecommerce CRM that allows you to learn deep customer habits from your clients. You get a first-row seat to every click, purchase, and interaction a customer makes on your site, no matter which ecommerce platform you use. 

This information allows you to use their integrated email marketing platform to send highly customized, exactly-on-time messages to your customers. Whether they’re timed or triggered, you can ensure that your messages are what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

Drip is priced based on volume of customers and begins at $49/month.


Interactive emails are the future. It’s crucial that you find ways to stand out in the increasingly crowded inbox. You want your emails to excite your clients and have them enthusiastically open them, right? Send personalized videos to clients during one-on-one email conversations either by taking a video with your phone, recording your screen, or sharing a video on your computer.

BombBomb is the ultimate email personalization tool. After all, there’s nothing more personal than your face, right? BombBomb starts at $49/month and scales up from there. 

Email marketing is always evolving. It’s important to stay abreast on the tools and services out there that could improve your marketing efforts. After all, if there’s an innovative tool out there that you’re not using, it’s likely that your competitors are.

So, stay ahead of the curve and experiment with some new email marketing tools. Just be sure to test, test, test any changes you make to your campaigns.