You probably already know marketing automation can help your team save time, improve efficiency, and streamline operations. But you may not realize just how valuable a CRM can be for your entire company. When used effectively, it can help develop relationships, solidify connections, and generate new business opportunities that can lead to tons of growth.

In addition to automating routine tasks, there are virtually limitless ways you can leverage your CRM for customization and nurturing. Let’s dive into the various ways you can be using your CRM to bring more value to your customers and increase their satisfaction with your company. 

Personalized Offers

How much better would your chances be of closing a deal with a customer if you were able to personalize your emails, sales, and promotions to meet his or her individual needs, preferences, and buying patterns? 

People want content that aligns with their needs. They want to feel like they aren’t just one in a million and that the brands reaching out to them know exactly what they want. CRMs are chock-full of valuable information, including customer purchasing history, shopping behaviors, and other data gathered along the customer journey. For instance, over time, your CRM can tell you that Joe Smith has repeatedly purchased a specific type of tennis shoe, and, therefore, would be likely to respond to a promotion you’re running on a similar style. 

Customizing your campaigns for particular users creates an opportunity for you to provide more relevant experiences, delight your customers, and increase the likelihood of a sale.


Do you currently have a referral program in place to reward your loyal clientele and generate new business? If not, then you’re missing out on a chance to obtain more users by way of third-party credibility and word of mouth advertising (which some may argue is the most effective method of all). Combining a referral program with your CRM can make tracking the process much more smoothly.

For instance, you can use your CRM to keep tabs on the connections between people who have referred one another and then send out appropriate promos, rewards, and group offers based on their achievements. Sure, tracking these efforts by hand is always an option, but you risk organization and losing crucial information. 

Periodic Check-Ins

Most people expect a business to bend over backward in the beginning, but once the sale is complete, those connections tend to cool rather quickly. Using a CRM, you can effectively reignite and revitalize your relationships with existing customers by setting up periodic follow-ups and check-ins.

Not only will this do wonders for nurturing a long-term bond with your brand, but it’ll also provide the opportunity to ask for reviews of your product or service. Showing prospective customers that your current clientele are still happy with your brand six months, one year, or more after the sale can really boost trust and credibility. And those are things even the biggest marketing budget can’t buy.

Birthday Wishes

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful birthday wish? A CRM lets you stay on top of your customers’ special occasions so you can reach out and make them feel loved.

Whether you choose to simply send a quick note with well wishes or you go a step further and offer a free gift or exclusive discount, your customers will appreciate being remembered on their special day. And since all of the information is stored right in your CRM, there’s no need to task the marketing team with remembering.

Of course, these are just four of the countless ways you can use your CRM to develop and nurture more meaningful relationships with your customers. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. When it comes to marketing automation and using a CRM more effectively, the sky truly is the limit!

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