Today’s top marketers have moved beyond the cold, dry, one-size-fits-all email campaign. Instead, they’re turning to machines to deliver highly relevant emails based on a variety of factors, such as clients’ latest purchases, abandoned shopping carts, recent page views and more. Indeed, IDC and Criteo recently surveyed 459 marketing executives and found that 34 percent were currently using marketing personalization technology to win more business.

In particular, 32 percent said they use digitized marketing to a great extent, and 10 percent said they use this technology exclusively. More companies are augmenting their marketing strategies with intelligent technology because when armed with the right information, you can carefully segment your messages to address your most valuable prospects’ needs. And the good news is that personalization is available to all businesses — large and small.

The following steps will help you design and implement an automated, personalized email strategy that resonates with prospects and whisks them through your sales funnel.

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