Retargeting, or remarketing, is super powerful. It can convert a lost-forever prospect to a repeat customer. If you want to up your agency’s retargeting game, you don’t have to go it alone. There are a number of tools available that are designed specifically to help campaign managers and business owners get the most conversions out of their retargeted ads.

Here are our top picks for the best tools for retargeting ads.


With over 12 years in the business and tens of thousands of happy customers, AdRoll is one of the most popular retargeting partners on the internet. Its tools are robust and provide great metrics to help you customize your campaigns. Some tools have a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re coming from other platforms, but AdRoll provides extensive documentation and other resources to help you get the most out of the platform.

Perfect Audience

Another full-featured and prevalent retargeting platform, Perfect Audience is best known for its extensive reach. In addition to placing retargeted ad content on banners and other ad blocks across the internet, the tool also provides Facebook and Twitter coverage to carry your retargeted content onto social media as well.

Full transparency: we use and love Perfect Audience here at Hatchbuck! But they certainly didn’t pay us to give them a shoutout.


Meteora prides itself on improving brand awareness and increasing ad engagement. To aid with this, the platform has added a number of useful automated features over the years. In addition to automating keyword targeting, Meteora also helps you find websites and advertising locations that are more likely to have large concentrations of your target audience. This increases relevant first impressions and also makes your retargeting efforts more effective, since the audience is more likely to be interested in what’s advertised in the first place.

Meteora specifically focuses on geofencing ads so they’re a perfect option if you’re interested in local marketing or trying to reach prospects in a specific area.


A member of a new generation of “smart” targeting platforms, Artudata utilizes artificial intelligence to help your agency more effectively target its desired audience. With an impressive number of use cases, Artudata’s AI-powered targeting tools can assist you to create effective campaigns, retarget existing campaigns and find the markets that are most likely to contain convertible customers or clients. Even the platform’s retargeting features utilize its AI to help you retarget those customers that are most likely to convert when faced with the retargeted ads.

Image courtesy of Google

Google Ads

There’s a good chance that your agency is already familiar with AdWords, since it’s the go-to search engine ad platform. Were you aware that Google has tools built into the AdWords platform to aid with retargeting efforts, though? Using the built-in retargeting tools, you can retarget ads to Google users, YouTube users and even Android users who engage with apps that have Google ads as an advertising platform. If you’re already using AdWords for SEO or other marketing purposes, there’s no reason not to use it for retargeting as well.

Image courtesy of Fixel


Another AI-powered platform, Fixel is a bit different than some other solutions in that it works with the marketing tools that you’re already familiar with. Instead of acting as its own platform, Fixel is a platform-agnostic tool that provides actionable metrics to a wide range of other ad platforms to improve your targeting and retargeting engagement. This provides you with out-of-the-box engagement increases and greater retargeting performance without the need to learn yet another new platform. If you’re already using multiple platforms, Fixel can provide metrics to all of them to give you a boost across the board.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Similar to Google’s built-in retargeting tools for AdWords, Facebook also has its own engagement tool in the form of Custom Audiences. By creating a pixel-sized metric insert for your landing pages, you can use Custom Audiences to create special retargeting campaigns for Facebook users that you have previously engaged with. This doesn’t have to be limited strictly to Facebook engagements, either; since you can insert the pixel on any site that you control, visitors to your website or other landing pages can be targeted with your retargeting ads once they sign in to their Facebook accounts.

Image courtesy of SmarterHQ


Another smart tool, SmarterHQ uses advanced behavior analysis to help you get the most out of your retargeted ads. By analyzing the way that users engage with your ads, the platform provides you with tools to engage across multiple platforms to make sure that they see your ads at exactly the right time to land the conversion.

Of course, we can’t cover every possible tool out there — so if you’re looking for something super-specific, check out software review sites like G2Crowd or Capterra to see what other people are using and find the perfect solution to fill those gaps.