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Marketing Automation

What Your Small Business Should Know about Leveraging Marketing Automation to Grow

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software to capture leads, engage with contacts in a relevant, personal way, and to create a simple, repeatable and scalable process.

Marketing automation pulls leads from everywhere into one central location and automates the next step. With marketing automation, you stop costly leaks and drive more customers back into your sales funnel.

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How Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business

With marketing automation, you can reach out to the right person, with the right message, when they are ready instead of trying to reach everyone at once with the same bullhorn message. Marketing automation automatically tracks the online history of each contact, so you can see what pages on your site they’ve visited, what emails they’ve received, and what types of content they read. Then you receive a notification when your lead is ready to talk to you.

When your business runs on marketing automation, you can deliver more strategic, organized communication, increasing engagement with your audience. You can focus more time on building strong relationships with ripe opportunities and loyal customers, rather than chasing cold leads. Finally, marketing automation allows you to build high-quality relationships with many more prospects and customers – without adding supplementary team members. That’s the power of marketing automation.

Typical Marketing Automation Features

Website Tracking and Tagging

When you know your contact’s preferences, you can tailor a more compelling message that suits their needs and gets their attention. Website tracking tells you which pages of your website a contact has visited so when the time comes to send and email or speak with a hot prospect, you can deliver messaging that hits home.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

You have lots of quality prospects in your pipeline, they just aren’t ready to buy quite yet. Automated email campaigns keep your business top of mind. Stay in touch with relevant content to drive prospects back to your website, increasing the odds that they’ll convert.

Lead Scoring

Today’s consumer handles research on their own. They don’t need to speak with a sales person until they’ve exhausted their resources and are ready to make a buying decision. Lead scoring tells your sales people who they should call now, and which prospects need a bit more nurturing on the marketing side.

Marketing Automation Resources

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What’s So Great About Marketing Automation?

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