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Quit smoking program scraps Zoho for an integrated CRM and email marketing solution



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Quit Smoking Program

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Meet Allen Carr’s Easyway

Overcoming the physical withdrawal from cigarettes is easy;

it’s the psychological burden that tends to keep people reaching for their packs. At Allen Carr’s Easyway, they break through these false perceptions associated with smoking to provide their clientele with a simple, effective, and safe solution. Their method shows people that they aren’t losing something; they’re gaining their freedom back. Natalie Clays was a smoker for 20 years and tried everything on the planet to quit. When she heard about Allen Carr’s Easyway from a friend, she was blown away by what they were able to do for people who had been in her shoes. She was so blown away that she and her husband, Nic, decided to buy the franchise in Australia. They eventually expanded to New Zealand, and most recently, America.

They originally used Zoho for the customer relationship management but decided to switch to BenchmarkONE to utilize the email marketing integration.

A CRM and Email
Marketing Tool In One

“The goal was to simplify.”

Starting your own business is demanding. There’s a lot that goes into it, and with those demands come various different tools and systems to employ. Before Natalie and Nic started using BenchmarkONE, they were using Zoho for their CRM and Benchmark Email for their email marketing efforts. It was through Benchmark Email that they realized they could integrate their CRM with their email marketing and gain some greater organization to their database. Enter: BenchmarkONE.

But they did their homework. They looked at other solutions as well and found them all to be too extensive and too expensive. They knew they couldn’t justify the spend for a tool with loads of features they wouldn’t use. They needed something simple that would ultimately allow them to organize their CRM and automate their email marketing to effectively build nurture campaigns.


Tools That Empower Small Business Owners

Natalie and Nic love how BenchmarkONE is structured.

Compared to competing packages, BenchmarkONE allows both of them to be covered as users, and they can have more contacts, all while still paying less. Overall, BenchmarkONE’s packages are much more forgiving and cater to the growth of their business better.

How Nic and Natalie Use


To easily build and send structured and automated email campaigns


To sync up with Zapier and other web applications to automate workflows and eliminate lengthy processes.


To track prospect website performance, activity, and email interactions.


To track prospect website performance, activity, and email interactions.

The Results

In their particular industry and line of work, it can take quite a while for someone to convert to a customer. But one of the most significant returns on their investment with BenchmakrONE is that they’re able to gain insight into that customer journey, so they can track it and plan strategies around it.

BenchmarkONE affords them the entire history of their leads to determine just how long they’ve been in their sales cycle. They just realized that someone who booked one of their seminars last week had his first interaction with them over a year ago. Because of their ability to nurture and stay top of mind with that lead through consistent newsletters and email outreach, they eventually converted her from an email subscriber to a paying customer.


Why Other Small Businesses Should Consider BenchmarkONE

Natalie and Nic loved the pace they were able to set to get up to speed.

Most small businesses need a grace period for any new tool, and with BenchmarkONE, they didn’t feel they had to run before they could walk. They have access to helpful and prompt customer service, and during onboarding, they were able to talk to a real person and weren’t left on their own to figure things out.

They recommend BenchmarkONE because of its simple CRM that can do the basics for someone who’s starting out and disorganized like they were. The software served as a learning tool, enabling them to get started on the right foot and easily implement email marketing and website tracking. Each feature taught them something new they could use without numerous bells and whistles to distract and confuse them.


Natalie Clays, Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway Australia, New Zealand, and U.S.

Former smoker turned franchise owner turned email marketer.


BenchmarkONE enabled Allen Carr’s Easyway to tap into tools they never had before, like website tracking and customer activity.


BenchmarkONE was a straightforward solution without high costs and without a bulky feature set.


By using BenchmarkONE, Allen Carr’s Easyway was able to learn marketing automation at a pace that was perfect for their small business.

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