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Powerful Email Marketing Tools for More Personalized Messaging

Putting your signature style on an email shouldn’t be tough. Whether you’re a technical novice or expert coder, we’ve got the right tool for the job.


Drag & Drop Email Builder

Build gorgeous, branded emails and newsletters - no coding required.

B2B Email Templates

Get sharp-looking emails out the door fast with our email template library. Mobile-friendly options make creating responsive emails and newsletters a cinch.

HTML Editor

If you’re an expert coder or want to use a template you’ve built in another system, you can access our source code editor.

Grow and Manage Your List

Build your subscriber list quickly with easy to use sign up forms. Then, automatically tag and score contacts to create dynamic lists. With everyone categorized, it’s a breeze to send targeted emails that resonate.


Tailor Messaging with Dynamic Content

Send a unique offer to specific contacts on your list from a single email template. Dynamic Content keeps your promotions and messaging on-point with every send.


Track Email Metrics

With email link tracking, you’ll know who is opening your emails, clicking links, and visiting your website (hint: these might be hot prospects!). Email reporting shows you which emails delight your audience, and which emails need a kick in the pants (or maybe just a subject line edit).


Increase Sales with BenchmarkONE

Learn why thousands of users choose BenchmarkONE to propel relationships into customers.