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CRM & Sales

Stay Organized with BenchmarkONE’s CRM

You’ve managed to make this journey with spreadsheets, filing systems, and email folders. Yet, what started as a simple DIY system gets complicated as your customer base grows. BenchmarkONE’s CRM is the simple alternative to expensive, bloated sales software. Add contacts on the fly, see activity in real time, and trigger hot lead alerts when a prospect is ready to buy. Getting organized shouldn’t weigh you down. So stay nimble, friend.


Email Marketing

Turn Emails into Conversations that Create Customers

Getting noticed in the inbox means sending the right message at the right time. BenchmarkONE’s email marketing tools integrate with our CRM for data that tells a more complete story about your contacts. Build great looking email templates, grow your email list and turn clicks and opens into real, paying customers.

Marketing Automation

Grasp Every Opportunity

Pick up the slack in your business processes with marketing automation. Create campaigns to nurture your leads, flooding them with value until they convert. Set up intelligent actions and notifications to keep your team on task and ensure that no opportunities slip through the cracks.


Landing Pages & Popups

Close the Loop

Now in beta, create dedicated landing pages for every marketing campaign to boost conversion rates and seamlessly send new leads into BenchmarkONE’s CRM. Plus, popup forms on your site help you capture leads and subscribers from the traffic you’re sending to your site. From there, it’s as simple as nurture and convert.

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