CRM for Small Business - Why You Need One

Small Business CRM

Finally, a small business CRM that’s easy-to-use and priced nice.

Easy to Use Small Business CRM

To drive new sales and track growth, small businesses need a CRM or customer relationship management tools. Using BenchmarkONE’s built-in CRM, small business owners and sales users can grow new business using smart segmentation and targeted email. Tracking progress is also easier than ever by having full view into previous, current and future deals. Salespeople will also have a full history of activities which puts relevant conversations with prospects and customers at their fingertips.

Small businesses can also stop relying on never-ending spreadsheets and disorganized paper by using a CRM. Everything, from initial contact to individual email messages are tracked and attached to a contact record, giving users a central hub for every activity.

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All-in-One Solution

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Small Business CRM & Marketing Software in One

Marketing’s role in an organization is to fill the top of the funnel with quality leads using specific tools. Once a lead is ready, it gets handed off to sales where another specific set of tools and process is needed. Having both of these functions “under one roof” gives a clearer and more complete picture of a buyer’s journey. For example, marketing captures a lead in an online form, then nurtures that lead until they are ready for a sales content. Next, sales uses the CRM to see the entire lifecycle thus far of the lead, including what forms they filled out, what emails they were sent and which ones they opened. Now, the salesperson is armed with knowledge that only an all-in-one sales and marketing solution can offer.

The benefits of an all-in-one sales and marketing software solution include:

  • Lower overhead – BenchmarkONE has it all built-in, so you don’t have to purchase separate solutions, then worry about how they’ll “talk” to one another.
  • Better metrics – With a closed loop between sales and marketing, you’re able to make better business decisions by seeing the entire life cycle of a contact; from initial form submission to current customer.
  • Ease of use – By keeping everything in one tool, you’re not required to learn two, separate tools that have two very different workflows and user experiences. Our goal is to give our customers an easy marketing software solution, period.

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads until they are ready to buy is a critical component of any small business crm. BenchmarkONE makes it easy to serve relevant email messages to prospects and customers, nurturing them throughout their lifecycle. Use your time more wisely and work leads that are ready to buy.


New business deals need to be tracked. Whether they bought, didn’t buy or are planning to buy, having a full view inside of  a crm will help forecasting and future sales efforts. As part of our all-in-one marketing and sales software, deals help keep the revenue engine running.


Not all sales leads are created equal. Some leads may not be ready to buy today, but will be in the future. BenchmarkONE can put these leads into their own campaign and will keep your business top-of-mind during their decision-making process.

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