Looking for a good HubSpot alternative for your small business? We’ve got a few recommendations.

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing platform and was one of the first players on the field. There are lots of tools in there for small businesses, including CRM software, analytics, and content management — but it’s not the only platform on the market offering these capabilities. Maybe you need something that’s more customizable, or perhaps HubSpot offers too robust a suite of tools, and you don’t want to pay for a bunch of stuff that you’re never going to use. Whatever your reason, if you’re in the market for an alternative that’s more in line with your needs, budget, and objectives, there are several places to look.

There was a time when HubSpot might have been your best bet for inbound marketing automation, but today, the industry is rich with options that offer advanced features and insightful analytics. Here are four of the best HubSpot alternatives to start your search.

1. ActiveCampaign

Popular features: CRM, Lead Scoring, Email Marketing Automation

Why we like it: ActiveCampaign features a clean interface that helps you beneficially organize your customer data. And when it comes to your email marketing, there’s a big focus on targeting and personalization, plus you can quickly trigger emails to be sent out based on certain behaviors. With so much happening automatically on the backend in terms of customer engagement, your small business marketing team will be able to focus on other things — with clear cut data to back up your decisions.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on how many features you want and how many people need access. At just $9 a month, the Lite version might be right in line with what you want to pay and offers basic features like unlimited emails and marketing automation. For data analytics and lead scoring, though, you’ll want the Plus version, which is $49 a month.

2. BenchmarkONE

Popular features: Simple CRM, Autoresponders, Contact Segmentation, Drip Campaigns

Why we like it: Of course we like it — we built it! But we’re not just tooting our own horn for the sake of it here. Our platform has effortless scalability options, with a small business package that’s been expertly designed to match the specific needs of SMBs — and that’s a big win when maximizing every marketing dollar is necessary. We also offer optimized features that are ideal for small business marketing, including automation, quick and easy drip campaigns, and an all-in-one CRM solution.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on features and how many team members will need access to the software. Our unique Core package is just $79 a month. But, you can do a free trial for 14 days to test out the platform.

3. Keap

Popular features: CRM, Appointment Scheduling, Payment Processing, On-the-Go Messaging

Why we like it: Keap is a comprehensive tool that can carry your leads through the sales pipeline. In addition to the marketing automation, CRM capabilities, and lead generation tools that you would expect from this kind of inbound marketing software, your small business also gets built-in tools for sending quotes, invoicing, and scheduling. Have remote workers? Keap offers messaging on the go so your team can engage with leads wherever they are.

Pricing: The Pro plan offers most of what your small business will need at $149 a month. For the full suite, look into the Infusionsoft plan at $199 a month.

4. Benchmark

Popular features: Email Marketing and Design, A/B Testing, Data Reports

Why we like it: The Benchmark platform is perfect for small businesses that need a thorough and effective email marketing platform that isn’t weighed down by the added fluff of similar tools. Create and send beautiful emails even without the support of a dedicated marketing team, with features that cover the gamut in terms of design and customization. Then use the automation and reporting tools to stretch your efforts as far as they can go.

Pricing: If you’re looking for a basic email marketing tool, then you’re in luck: Benchmark offers a FREE plan (like truly zero dollars a month) that allows you to send up to 14,000 emails a month to as many as 2,000 subscribers. If you want added features like reporting and testing, upgrade to the Pro plan for just $11.89 a month.

Only you know precisely what your small business needs when it comes to its inbound marketing platform. Try one of the HubSpot alternatives above and get great results without a super high price tag or neglected features. And of course, if you’re interested in our solution, then get in touch with our team today and find out exactly what we can do for you!