Today’s consumers want options. They like being able to review a few possibilities and perform their own research on each to determine which option is the best fit for their needs. It can seem somewhat overwhelming, but since information is literally at our fingertip, it’s never been easier to access what we need to make informed decisions. 

And small businesses looking for solutions to their marketing automation needs are no different. They, like consumers, want to make their own decision about who they choose to partner with, and that decision isn’t made lightly. They need to know various price points, package details, success metrics, as well as all the options out there for them to consider.

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is an all-in-one marketing automation software platform that’s a good option for a lot of businesses. However, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution, and smaller businesses, in particular, might find that the platform is a bit too expansive for their needs. Fortunately, there are quite a few Keap alternatives out there that offer similar benefits without so many distracting bells and whistles. So if you’re in the market for a Keap alternative, check out our six top picks below.

1. Benchmark

Popular features: Email marketing and design, A/B testing, data reports

Why we like it: We’re big fans of Benchmark’s fluid email design process and templates. They make creating gorgeous emails a cinch for small businesses that might not have an on-staff designer. And while we like it for that alone, there are some added benefits, too — like streamlined A/B testing capabilities and data reporting so that your team has the information they need to make smarter email marketing decisions.

Pricing: Benchmark offers a free plan that allows you to reach as many as 250 subscribers a month with up to 14,000 emails. However, we recommend the Pro plan if you want those added data features, which are available for a low price of just $13.99 a month.

2. Resulticks

Popular features: Omnichannel marketing automation, data augmentation, GDPR compliance

Why we like it: Resulticks is a cloud-based marketing platform with a focus on omnichannel integration. We particularly like how Resultick tailors its provided features for a wide range of business needs so that you can optimize your platform based on your industry. It’s far from being the cheapest option available, but if it’s in your budget, then it might be worth looking into such a customizable possibility.

Pricing: $999 and up per month.

3. BenchmarkONE

Popular features: Simple CRM, autoresponders, contact segmentation, drip campaigns, landing page and pop-ups builder

Why we like it: Formerly Hatchbuck, our all-in-one marketing and CRM software is pretty great, in our humble opinion. But, our software isn’t just an excellent option for small businesses — it was created specifically with them in mind. Each feature in our small business plan is scaled to match the needs of SMBs, so you don’t have to worry about paying for features that you’re not going to use. If effortless automation and an intuitive CRM sound like a win to you, then let’s talk.

Pricing: Our small business package is just $99 a month, but we have a free trial option as well. 

4. Act!

Popular features: On-the-go CRM and messaging, marketing automation

Why we like it: The Act! Growth Suite offers a lot of flexibility for small businesses that don’t have the same needs as larger companies but are hoping to get there eventually. It’s easier to get set up and running than Keap and has mobile capabilities, so you can oversee your marketing campaigns even if you’re working remotely.

Pricing: At $37.50 a month, the Professional plan lets you send up to 25,000 emails a month. They also offer their Starter plan that allows you to send 10,000 emails a month for $25 a month.

5. Salesforce Essentials

Popular features: Data Dashboards, Marketing-Sales Integration

Why we like it: Salesforce Essentials is a marketing solution built specifically for small businesses. Like other Salesforce marketing software options, you get sales and marketing integration so you can get double the benefits out of one platform. But what we particularly like is the wide range of in-app tutorials and guides that help you navigate your way through what’s available, which is an excellent advantage over springing for expensive training.

Pricing: Plans start at $25 per month.

As a small business, you need to make sure that you stretch every marketing dollar as far as it can possibly go. When researching a Keap alternative, pay close attention to the value-driven aspects of each solution so that you can be sure to pick the option that is the best fit for both your budget and your objectives. All of the platforms above can help you take your marketing to the next level — it’s just a matter of finding the one that can seamlessly fit within your existing strategy.