As an entrepreneur, you know how important lead generation is to your sales cycle. You need a steady flow of fresh leads coming in, so that a healthy portion of them become paying – and hopefully, long-term – customers. Here are a few lead generation tools you can use in 2018 to keep your funnel full.


To turn a visitor into a lead, you need their contact information. Convincing an online visitor to hand over their email address takes some persuasion, and this persuasion usually comes in the form of an offer like an e-book or a webinar. But there’s still that moment of limbo where a customer can quickly change their mind: the form.

Leadformly offers tools to make your forms work for you. Users have the option to create forms with conditional questions, add multiple steps to forms to avoid overwhelming site visitors, and more.


Twenty-eight percent of millennials wouldn’t try a product if their friends didn’t approve of it. The stakes are even higher for B2B companies since B2B companies with referrals enjoy a 69 percent quicker close time on sales. If you’ve been mulling over the idea of building leads through a referral program, consider using ReferralCandy. ReferralCandy allows you to easily add a referral program to your online store. The company runs referral programs for over 3000 online stores who can use ReferralCandy to offer rewards in the form of cash, store credit, and free products through the service.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For B2B marketers, this tool is essential. For starters, there are the usual LinkedIn features (networking, seeing who viewed your profile) that make it so useful. But beyond that, B2B marketers have the option of populating their CRM tool with leads taken directly from LinkedIn. Using this tool, B2B marketers can target the right people, stay up to date with organizational changes in companies they have their eyes on, and engage with prospects.


The quickest way to understand a company’s needs and challenges is to understand what tools they’re using. This way, you can tailor your pitch to be the most effective. Datanyze helps companies do this by alerting them to which technologies their target clients (i.e. businesses, organizations) are using. Similarly, Datanyze alerts businesses when a company drops their competitor. In other words, Datanyze helps businesses use data to identify the most promising leads and when to approach them.


A great way to generate leads is to establish yourself and your business as an expert in your industry or sector. Quora is a vast question and answer website that offers community-generated knowledge on everything from relationships to nutrition to programming languages and more. Users are ranked based on how helpful their answers are. Consider scanning through Quora for questions related to your industry and providing detailed answers so that you can bolster your brand.

Don’t let lead generation sit on the backburner this year. It’s extremely important for your business’s bottom line and these tools will help you get on track towards building a steady pipeline of leads for your eager sales team.