The number of mobile users around the world is increasing. More than half of all online activities now take place on a phone. Businesses focusing on their mobile platforms are more likely to capture part of this growing marketspace.

A 2019 Digital Report states that there are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the world and 52% of the total population uses the internet on mobile

This means that your mobile platform is as important as your desktop site, perhaps even more so. As the number of people using mobile internet grows, mobile eCommerce sales will also increase.

If people have a negative experience on your mobile site they are 62% less likely to buy from you in the future

Prioritizing your mobile platform is necessary to cater to mobile internet users. Space on mobile screens is limited. It is also challenging to enter information on smartphones. It’s important to make sure you mobile site is easy to use so visitors don’t get frustrated.

Let’s look at seven ways you can make changes to your mobile site to boost conversions. 

1. Use Live Chat on Your Mobile Site

Adding live chat on your mobile site is an effective way to improve conversions. Using live chat makes it easy for your visitors to communicate with you. Giving them timely and on-point information can impact their purchase decision. 

There are a few common ways users can typically contact you. They can send an email, fill in a contact form or they can call you on the phone. These channels, however, disrupt their current tasks. Using these options also takes time.

Users don’t know when they will receive a response to an email. They may also have to wait on the phone or listen to a recorded message. These contact options have multiple steps that can keep a user from getting information right away.

Live chat gives users complete convenience. They get a response almost immediately and you can answer their queries with the right information. It creates a personal and human touch to your communication as well. This will lead to more confidence in your business and open the way to conversions. 

Using live chat on mobile has a profound impact on conversions and builds customer relationships. 

2. Add Mobile Popups

Popups substantially improve lead generation and optin rates. Adding popups to your mobile site will drive up conversions on your site. 

Done well, popups can help capture your visitor’s attention just before they leave your site. Popup tools help by capturing user information just as they leaving using an exit-intent trigger. It gives you the chance to give the user a discount or an offer in exchange for their email. 

You can use mobile popups to get your audience’s email addresses. With your audience’s email addresses you can create an email list and launch an email marketing campaign. Email marketing remains the most powerful way to create sales for online businesses. 

Another effective strategy is to combine mobile popups with lead magnets. To make a mobile lead magnet, use OptinMonster, one of the most powerful optin tools available. It provides users with several attractive templates that are easy to edit with a drag and drop builder. You can get more subscribers by offering them a free ebook, coupon or access to your product by using mobile popups as lead magnets. 

Using popups for your mobile site is a powerful way to drive up conversions.

3. Create Social Proof

People are more likely to do something when they see other people doing the same thing too. You’re more likely to pick a restaurant that’s full than one that isn’t even if you don’t know about the quality of their food.

You may also download a mobile app that has millions of installs than a similar one that has a few thousands. These are a few examples of social proof. Creating social proof on your mobile site can drive up conversions. It creates trust and informs users about fast-moving products.

Here are some ways to create social proof:

  • Showcase product reviews and ratings on your site
  • Place badges, certifications and award images related to your industry
  • Use a tool like TrustPulse to automatically display social proof notifications

Using an automated tool to create social proof notifications is very effective. When users visit your site and see a small popup telling them that other people are buying or subscribing, it creates confidence.

A social proof tool can also inform users about best-selling products. This creates a sense of scarcity and the Fear of Missing Out or FOMO. Using social proof you can create urgency and influence the user to make a purchase on your site. 

Social proof is also useful to increase subscriptions and registrations. 

4. Re-Evaluate Your Pricing Strategy

Using psychological principles in pricing is an effective way to maximize mobile conversions.

Consider refreshing your pricing strategy to increase sales and bring in traffic. There are different ways you can use pricing to improve conversions.

  • Offer free shipping. Users will often choose products that come with free shipping even if the shipping cost is included in the price. They will feel like they are getting a deal and are more likely to buy from you.
  • Offer limited period coupons and discounts. When you create a limited timeframe for your coupons to work it creates urgency and can influence the user to make a purchase quickly.
  • Use anchoring. This is useful when you have a subscription model or a product in different versions. In an anchoring strategy, users will rely on the first information they see as a reference for value. When you place a very expensive product next to a normally priced one, users will use the expensive product as a frame of reference. They will view the product with the normal price as a good offer and are more likely to buy it.
  • Offer members-only discounts. These are discounts that only members to your site can access. This makes users more inclined to join your membership site.

5. Add a Contact Form

Contact forms may seem like a necessary but trivial feature. But contact forms hold a lot of potential. When users want to contact you directly, they head for your contact form. It’s important to make sure that this user has an easy experience using your form.

Forms can play an important role in driving conversions. The difference between a contact form that converts and one that doesn’t is often minuscule. When it comes to mobile sites, where the screen space is smaller, every little feature matters. Here’s how you can create contact forms that convert for mobile sites.

  • Use a single-column layout. It makes sense to use a single column layout for a mobile screen. This will allow users to see each field clearly and fill them up easily.
  • Limit the number of fields. Keep it simple and ask them for a few basic details like their name, email and their message. The more fields you add the more work it creates for users. 
  • Don’t use a generic call to action. A call to action like ‘Submit’ does not really tell users anything about what will happen next. You can use the call to action button as a way to tell users the next step. A button that says ‘Access your ebook now’ or ‘Send your message’ is more descriptive and tells your audience that they will now move on to the next step.
  • Make your form mobile responsive. Users on mobile phones are unlikely to fill up a contact form if it does not fit their mobile screens. By making a form responsive, you make it easy for users to click on each field and enter their information. Use a tool like WPForms or Formidable Forms to create a contact form that is responsive and converts. 

Contact forms are often underestimated tools to drive conversions. People who want to get in touch take the effort to fill it in. It’s important to have a great contact form on your website that is convenient. It can be a powerful tool to create leads. 

6. Improve Mobile SEO

Your mobile site plays a substantial role in impacting your visibility in search results. Google now implements mobile-first indexing. This means that it predominantly indexes your site based on mobile content first. It then crawls and indexes the desktop version of your site. 

Improving your mobile site’s SEO will affect your online visibility. Here’s what you need to do to optimize your mobile site to be recognized by search engines. 

  • Use the same content on your mobile site as your desktop site. You may have to reevaluate the way you create content so that it works on desktop and mobile screens.
  • Make sure that your titles and meta descriptions are the same across the desktop and mobile versions. 
  • Use relevant keywords and phrases in your content that people are using to search for content
  • Link across content in your site i.e. do internal linking. Also, link externally to authoritative and credible websites. 

Focusing on your mobile site’s SEO to make it strong is necessary to be visible. Your site will drive conversions with good SEO.

7. Allow Easy Digital Payments

It is frustrating for a user when they have spent a lot of time deciding on purchase only for the payment process to be difficult. 

Normal payment methods force users to pull out their cards, type in their information and click buy to complete the transaction. This is not as convenient as using a digital wallet to make payments.

A user can also make mistakes when typing in their card information. It is also more difficult to enter details on a mobile screen when compared to using a desktop keypad. 

You can boost website conversions by adding digital wallets as a payment option. Digital wallets make it easier for users to pay by securely storing their information. It removes the need to enter information manually and makes the checkout process faster. It’s also a reliable way to support your WordPress website’s security by adopting the latest in technology. 

When you make a mobile payment experience easier, it removes discomfort and frustration. This will lead to more conversions as it makes the whole process painless and satisfying.

Mobile conversions are the future

Now that Google has a mobile-first indexing policy and the number of people using smartphones is growing, it makes sense to work on your mobile platform to increase conversions.

This is where most people spend most of their time online. By making the process of navigating your site easy, and using good practices to make them trust your site, you increase lead generation, sales, and subscriptions.

Author Bio

Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. With over 10 years of experience, he’s the leading WordPress expert in the industry. You can learn more about Syed and his portfolio of companies by following him on his social media networks.