We know that in order to convert prospects to loyal customers, we must build relationships and stay in touch. Although we know we SHOULD follow-up, lack of time often prohibits us from doing so as often as we ‘d like. Staying top of mind with your prospects doesn’t just have to be a lengthy phone call or personalized email.  There are many easy ways you can stay on your prospects radar without wasting internal resources and time or overwhelming them. Don’t let lack of time or money within your small business be an excuse for not staying top of mind. Chances are, if you aren’t following up on a regular basis – your competitor is.

8 Easy Ways To Stay Top Of Mind With Prospects

  • Send an Occasional Email Newsletter With Helpful Info & Tips – Chances are you have some great content on your fingertips that you can share in a newsletter format. Make sure if you are highlighting products and services that you also provide some educational and relevant content.
  • Send a Card – A handwritten card still goes a long way in showing you took the time to personalize a message for the individual.
  • Distribute a Helpful Article You Came Across That Is Relevant To The Prospect – Come across a helpful article or recent news story you think someone may appreciate? Email a quick link and show others you took the time to think they may appreciate the content you came across.
  • Secure an Automated Follow-Up Email To Send On Your Behalf – One of the easiest ways to make sure you follow-up on a regular basis is to have an automated email send on your behalf. Know that you want to follow-up every few months? Create a brief checking in email (with a few variations) and set it send out to your prospects on your behalf.
  • Forward an Invite To A Company Event – Hosting an event at the office or attending an event in the community? Let your prospects know what you’re doing and offer up an invite to attend.
  • Forward Over a Birthday Greeting – Who doesn’t love someone remembering its their birthday? Make it a point to send some sort of birthday greeting. They show your business took the time to remember a special day (hint: in Hatchbuck, you can set automatic birthday emails – no more marking your calendar!)
  • Send Happy Holiday Emails – People love to celebrate the holidays (vacation days, anyone?). Show you’re in the spirit and send holiday emails throughout the year.
  • Engage on Social Media (Comment & Share a company FB status or RT a prospect tweet) – Social media is a great place to interact and build a community with your prospects. Stumble across a great Tweet? Retweet or favorite it. See an interesting Facebook post? Comment and like it. It takes no time, and can attract positive attention and help build better relationships.