Many businesses host events. Whether it’s a networking event, an educational lunch or an online event such as a webinar, it should be incorporated into your e-mail marketing campaigns. Here are a few ideas:

A sign up form:

sign up form


A form like this can serve a few purposes, if you are using a marketing automation system:

1. It can automatically send them details of the event or any communications you would want an attendee to receive. If it is a event that requires payment, you could have the form send them to the ecommerce page after submittal.

2. This form can “Tag” the contact with their choice:

tshirt size - tag


This will enable you to be able to pull a list of everyone who completed the form, or everyone who is attending as well as everyone who is not. This is important because then you can split up your database to send the specific communications.

Ask those who replied “no” why they aren’t coming

You need to know if the event is something they are unable to attend or just don’t want to.

Send your attendees a “thank you e-mail” as well as details about the event.

This again can all be automated within your system.

Get Creative

Depending on the event, you can use an email campaign to get creative with the attendees. Have a contest and send clues every week in an email. Let the guests respond with their guesses and award the winner with a prize.

Don’t forget to get responses after

Send a survey out to your attendees via email the day after the event. It’s important to get their thoughts so that you can improve next time.