Here at Hatchbuck, we understand that it’s an increasingly mobile world out there. We know you’re constantly hustling to attract new business and that a lot of the hustle is happening away from your main workstation. Technology is reshaping the way small businesses connect with prospects and clients, which is why we are thrilled to provide our users with Hatchbuck Mobile.

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to augment the ways our small business and agency customers seize every opportunity by focusing on accessibility and flexibility improvements. Hatchbuck Mobile includes many of the desktop interface’s most impactful CRM features to keep you connected to your customers in and out of the office.

Why a Mobile CRM?

As a small business, we know every opportunity is important to you, which is why we want you to be prepared and informed no matter where your business takes you. Whether you’re traveling, meeting with clients, or simply away from your workstation, Hatchbuck Mobile enables you to quickly access and communicate with contacts on-the-go.

Mobile Key Features:

  • REAL-TIME DASHBOARD INSIGHTS – Your mobile dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your sales and marketing efforts. Access sales and revenue data alongside email and website visitor metrics.
  • ORGANIZED CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT – Quickly create, lookup, and update your contact records on the fly using global search and a full contact detail view.
  • QUICK COMMUNICATION – Need to get in touch? Reach your contacts in the manner that makes the most sense. Whether it’s a call, a text, a simple email, or an existing template, staying top of mind with your contacts is only a click away.
  • TASK MANAGEMENT – Make sure your team is on the same page and none of those hot leads fall through the cracks with simplified task management in your pocket.

Mobile Benefits:

Hatchbuck Mobile provides a real-time snapshot of your small business sales and marketing even when you’re away. Streamlined tasks will allow your team to stay on the same page from their mobile devices. You no longer need to collect business cards or slicks. Instead, create a contact within Hatchbuck Mobile and sync up with your main Hatchbuck database. You can stay in touch with your customers more easily and more immediately with one-off emails, calls or even texts.

Hatchbuck Mobile provides the most critical sales and marketing capabilities in an easy-to-use mobile interface to streamline your processes, keep your small business on track, and help you make more informed decisions in those increasingly frequent moments when you aren’t at your desk.