Hatchbuck is excited to announce that we will be rebranding to BenchmarkONE. Stay tuned for the official announcement in early May. 

Why the rebrand?

Back in September of 2019, Benchmark Email and Hatchbuck merged, creating a new martech powerhouse with email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM capabilities. And while the Hatchbuck brand will always be near and dear to our hearts, we’re ready to tell a more cohesive story with Benchmark at the center.

With both the Benchmark Email and BenchmarkONE (formerly Hatchbuck) platforms under a single Benchmark umbrella, we’ll be able to consolidate marketing spend, messaging, and communication to our audience and customer base.

And that’s just the beginning. With the power of one brand behind both platforms, we’ve set the stage for developing new powerful features derived from the best of both worlds for our email marketing and CRM customers.

Why BenchmarkONE?

As we searched for a name that would reflect Hatchbuck as part of the Benchmark brand, we certainly left a lot of names on the cutting room floor (sorry, BenchmarkAMP!). Benchmark CRM was a strong contender, fitting the naming convention of Benchmark Email. However, with marketing automation, email marketing, and landing pages built into the platform, Hatchbuck is more than a CRM, and we wanted the name to reflect that. BenchmarkONE aptly fits the spirit of Hatchbuck – one place to manage sales and marketing, simply.

What’s the migration path for Hatchbuck customers?

With the rebrand, the only thing that is changing is the brand. When Hatchbuck customers login in, they’ll see a new logo and a freshly updated color palette. The user experience will remain the same – the same tools and the same workflows with a new coat of paint. And the Hatchbuck team? We aren’t going anywhere. The friendly faces you know and love will be there to assist, just with a different company name in their email signature.

What’s Next?

We don’t plan on taking the summer off, that’s for sure. We have some exciting features on deck that we can’t wait to push out in the coming months. We hope you’re just as eager as we are about this new journey we’re about to embark on, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride, be it as a customer, a valued blog reader, or an industry peer.