We often preach the importance of segmenting your contacts. In order to email your prospects and customers relevant content, you must know their interests. For example, if I am an insurance agent and I sell both Renters & Homeowners insurance – it’s important that I identify my homeowners and renters up front so I send emails with content that meets their needs. It wouldn’t make sense if I knew this information up front to email my homeowners information about renters insurance and vice-versa.

Many of you use Hatchbuck forms on your website or social media profiles. One of the most powerful overlooked features of our forms is the ability to add “tagging” options. When a prospect chooses particular options or interests, their information will be imported into the system and will add the appropriate tags. This powerful feature allows your prospects to auto segment themselves before you or a sales rep has ever engaged with them.










A Tag Comb & Tag Checkbox are great form options to allow your prospects to auto segment themselves.For example, “Do you own or rent your home” is a tag comb and “Interests” is a tag checkbox. When a prospect selects whether they own or rent their own home and their quote interests, they will automatically enter Hatchbuck with the appropriate tags.

Once a prospect enters the system with the appropriate tags, you can filter contacts and begin communicating with them with information that meets their needs and interest without ever having to have questions. Allowing your prospects to auto-segment themselves can save you time and allow you to stay more relevant.