Digital marketing can be a dizzying world sometimes. There’s a lot of tasks, services, and changes to keep up with. Not to mention the constant need to refine your marketing strategies and adjust your advertising buys. When it’s all said and done, though, are your efforts actually working?

Sometimes, even with the data presented from your advertising and marketing automation platforms, it’s a difficult question to answer. It’s often easy to see how someone enters your site or finds your product, what content they download, or how often they open an email. But there’s a deeper level to your data that needs to be uncovered. 

All of your paid sponsorships, blog posts, and display advertisements aren’t successful unless there’s a definite ROI. So, it’s critical that you take a deeper dive into your data to find the right touchpoints and understand how they can drive more sales.

As a small business, budgets are always a concern. Marketing attribution tools aren’t exactly uncommon, but many are geared towards huge enterprises with price tags to follow. For these recommendations, we’re sticking to the small business budget and mindset.

1. Google Attribution

It’s likely that you already use Google Analytics and possibly Google AdWords in your digital marketing plan. Google Analytics is extremely useful for websites to track their traffic and website trends. Within Analytics, Google released Google Attribution.

Google Attribution is a completely free tool that helps you see your insights on a deeper level. Instead of simply viewing your website traffic, you can also evaluate the success of your content, marketing campaigns, and product sales.

What is wonderful about Google Attribution is that it works seamlessly with Analytics and AdWords. If you already use these products, there’s no reason to not incorporate Google Attribution into your plan.

Since Google products are so widely used, training is readily available for Google Attribution as well as other aspects of Analytics and AdWords online.

Pricing: Free!

2. CallRail

The simple reality is that while email follow-up is more common, sales and other professionals still use phone outreach and follow-up often. CallRail helps you not only measure and understand your online campaigns but your offline ones as well. Using their data, you can see a holistic picture of your efforts and how they tie into your inbound call, form submissions, and advertising buys. 

CallRail also offers phone call recording so you can improve your customer service abilities, review calls, and coach your staff.

Pricing: $45 to $145/month, depending on the feature set and the number of phone numbers needed. 

3. Statcounter

Statcounter is a user-friendly analytics tool with built-in marketing attribution features. Statcounter manages all your analytics on a clean and simple dashboard with powerful filters to see the exact information you’re looking for. With this simple interface, identifying touchpoints in your sea of data is easier than ever. 

Pricing: They offer a free trial, but depending on your needs and how many page views you want to analyze, package options range from $9 – $399/month

4. LeadsRX

LeadsRX is the perfect prescription for a growing business’ marketing attribution needs. This software lets you follow your customer’s path through cross-channel touchpoints, so that you can get the full-funnel picture. LeadsRX enables you to see exactly how you are spending your marketing dollars and how much of a return you’re getting on your investment.

Their interface is clean and straightforward, with options easily laid out so you won’t have to guess what the touchpoints are. In fact, LeadsRX automatically marks credit to touchpoints for you.

Pricing: The enterprise level is $800 per month, which is definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum. Fortunately, they offer a customized version for small businesses that is paired down to your needs with a custom, affordable price.

5. Kochava

Kochava specializes in mobile attribution. This software analyzes and optimizes ad campaigns meant for the mobile market and can give you an inside look at user behaviors, allow you to reach out to them on related devices, and target users who are more likely to engage with your services.

Their marketing attribution platform is entirely customizable, which makes it extremely powerful for a digital marketer. Different data points, like clicks, installs, or impressions, mean different things to different marketers. Kochava gives you a holistic look at your user actions, which lets you assign a customized value to their touchpoints.

Pricing: Kochava offers a free, light version of its software for small businesses as well as a 30-day free trial. 

Finding the right marketing tools for a small business can be tough. Expertise and budgetary constraints can lead the small business marketer frustrated and lacking in the software power of their bigger competitors. Fortunately, there are companies out there that want to put power back in the small business’s pocket and offer packages that make sense for them. 

So, take power into your hands. Try out some of these marketing attribution software options and turn your ad buys into finely-tuned sales machines.