Where you get your news matters, and that includes your marketing news. There’s a ton of content out there, and it’s easy to get caught in the hamster wheel, being fed the same old content day after day. You have to make an effort by seeking out the best marketing blogs and publications so you can stay up-to-date on trending topics and themes. Doing so can ultimately dictate the success of your efforts, as well as serve as a way to inform your content creation

But with content saturation at its most intense, and with so many online publications pushing out content regularly, how do you know a reliable source over fluff?

Here are eight recommendations for the cream of the crop marketing publications that you should definitely have on your reading list.

1. Marketing Land

What Marketing Land does extremely well is consolidate need-to-know topics to provide you with a hub for everything happening in the industry. Their articles offer accessible breakdowns of digital marketing trends, marketing tips and tricks, and evolving best practices so you can get the advice you need to do more with your strategies. 

Don’t miss: The Analytics & Conversion vertical, dedicated to helping you stay on top of the messy — and often complicated — world of data-driven marketing.

2. Digiday

Digiday helps connect the dots between two worlds — marketing and the actual world we live in. They share articles that put into perspective the role of the marketer and key marketing strategies in relation to the significant topics shaping societal discourse. Take, for example, their article on how Coronavirus has impacted the media industry. It seeks to explain the global disruptions caused by the virus, which is a topic that is both related to marketing itself and deeply important to the concept of how we connect with an audience.  

Don’t miss: Digiday’s podcast, which is a great distillation of key topics that are perfect for the drive to and from the office every day.

3. Inc.

Inc. isn’t all marketing all the time. Still, it is valuable for finding articles related to running a successful small business and how a marketing strategy comes into play with that. You can learn a lot about how other businesses operate and take away tons of ideas for your own operations. A lot of these tips are ones that the authors have implemented themselves, pulling from real-life experiences. Using their tips can help you benchmark your processes and outcomes and help you create your own success stories to keep you moving forward.

Don’t miss: The Founder’s Project, a vertical geared explicitly toward showcasing the people and practices behind some of today’s most interesting and inspiring businesses.

4. Entrepreneur

Just like Inc., Entrepreneur is a publication that isn’t directly marketing focused, but that still has a lot of insight on how you plan and execute your marketing efforts. Sprinkled in among articles on startup tips and global industry news are helpful business columns, including leadership and business-focused articles from our own CEO, Jonathan Herrick. It’s the perfect way to brush up on things like amping up your content marketing and helping build more trust with your leads.  Browse it daily for new content, and pick and choose the most relevant topics for the work you’re doing.

Don’t miss: Entrepreneur’s regular webinars, which are both scheduled and available on-demand. They cover everything from fintech tips to HR strategies. 

5. Forbes CMO Network

Forbes is a mainstay in business news, and with the Forbes CMO Network, they’ve created a place where you can go just for topics related to marketing. Aside from articles with tactical, actionable advice, you’ll also find a big focus on real-world examples of companies that are getting it done — and how they do it.  

Don’t miss: The Editor’s Picks, a section located at the top of the page. It’s a good place to quickly find the most relevant and interesting articles without scrolling through tons of content.

6. Social Media Today

You can’t talk about modern marketing without mentioning social media, and that’s why having a niche publication, like Social Media Today, on your roster is crucial. From the latest Facebook algorithm changes to the various new platform features that are worth checking out, Social Media Today is the social media Sherpa we all need in our lives and a great daily read.

Don’t miss: The Content Marketing vertical provides useful advice for incorporating rapid industry changes into your content marketing strategy.

7. AdWeek

If you’re running paid ads, then you’re going to want to be keeping up with Adweek, a publication largely about optimizing your digital clicks. There’s a lot of variety in news topics, but all of them tie back to ads and ad spending in some way, which helps you distill broader news and put it into industry perspective.

Don’t miss: Ad of the Day, a nice place to go when you need of some ad inspiration.

8. AdAge

AdAge is a go-to for everything you need to know about what’s going on in marketing and advertising. From the best commercials and advertisements by top brands to the factors guiding digital performance, you’ll find it on AdAge. It’s a great source to spectate marketing art and to gain inspiration to be more creative with your own efforts. 

Don’t miss: The opinion pages, where a wide variety of guest posters share their thoughts on what matters and why. 

Start adding these marketing publications to your reading lists so you can stay on top of what’s happening in your industry, gain helpful insight into various strategies and tactics, and maintain the inspiration needed to be better at what you do.