We’re excited to announce our latest feature: BenchmarkONE’s Outlook Add-in! Now our users can effortlessly integrate their Outlook account with BenchmarkONE for increased productivity and efficiency. 

The Outlook Add-in allows users to bring the power of BenchmarkONE’s CRM directly into their Outlook inbox, saving time and avoiding issues that come with bouncing between applications. 

Create New Contacts from Outlook

As easy as one, two, three, you can create a new contact in BenchmarkONE from your Outlook inbox while keeping your entire contact database accessible. Adding contacts on the fly means that your subscriber list grows and none of those valuable contacts fall through the cracks. 

You can keep your important prospects and customers up-to-date, and you’ll be able to quickly search for and communicate with specific BenchmarkONE contacts right from inside your Outlook email account. 

Stay Organized with Easy CRM Access

Need to quickly gather valuable data like contact details, contact activity, notes, or tasks? No problem! Everything you need for targeted outreach is available on the spot. You’ll be able to see if a contact opened your previous email, letting you know the perfect time for a follow-up.

Don’t worry about key information getting lost in your Outlook inbox either. Create follow-up tasks, leave additional notes and add new tags painlessly for a more organized sales process. 

With BenchmarkONE’s new Outlook Add-in, you can eliminate unnecessary steps and ensure your sales process is humming with your contacts at your fingertips anytime you need them.