St. Louis, MO – July 1, 2020 – BenchmarkONE, a leading software as a service provider of sales and marketing solutions, today announces the launch of two new features: Dynamic Content and Teams. These new features will offer users more personalized options for their outreach and a new layer of contact management. 

Dynamic Content allows users to send multiple audiences targeted content from a single email. The ability to choose which contacts see certain email content makes unique offers or hyper-targeted messaging seamless and easy to implement. 

Teams provides users a way to easily organize contacts into groups that only specific users can access. This is ideal for organizations that manage multiple territories, buildings, districts, franchises, and groups. 

With these features also comes the release of BenchmarkONE’s Lite Version. The Lite Version is a scaled-back package perfect for email marketers who want to manage contacts but don’t need a full-blown CRM.

“By adding these pivotal new features and also releasing a pared-down version of BenchmarkONE, we’ll be able to expand our customer base while providing the same stellar experience and allowing users to scale their sales and marketing strategies no matter their size or budget,” BenchmarkONE CEO Jonathan Herrick said.

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BenchmarkONE helps SMBs and digital marketing agencies streamline sales and marketing to save time and scale. The all-in-one platform is an easy-to-use hub for small businesses that need to build better relationships with customers and automate their sales process.