Get a fresh look at your business with Hatchbuck’s new sales and marketing dashboards. With a more robust view of your most important metrics, you’ll know just where to focus your efforts to move the needle for your business.

The Business Owner

Are you reaching your goals this month? How is your team doing? With high-level metrics available at a glance, you can measure sales and marketing success, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Measure the ROI of Marketing Spend

Is your marketing budget driving opportunities, or being squandered on half-baked strategies? With deal source details on the marketing dashboard, you can identify which channels are actually bringing opportunities to the table.

Keep a Pulse on Revenue Growth

As a business owner, the only metric that really matters is how much revenue is coming in the door. See how much money is in your sales pipeline and how much revenue you’ve won.

The Marketing Manager

Between capturing leads, email nurturing and driving conversations for your sales team, it can be tough to know where to focus your efforts next. With the new marketing dashboard, you can zero in on where your strategy is paying off, and where you could use more focus.

Uncover Opportunities to Engage

With contact engagement metrics at your fingertips, it simple to identify the populations of contacts in your database that could use another touch from the marketing team. By consistently driving engagement with your brand, you can turn cold leads into hot prospects for sales.

Refresh Email Content at the Right Time

Are contacts engaging with your emails, or is it time for a content overhaul? Gauge how your top email templates are performing. We know that you always want to be improving your open and click-through rates, but we also know that for busy marketers, prioritization is key. So while everything is running smoothly in email land, you can focus on other channels in the marketing mix.

See Where Nurturing is Paying Off

We’ve linked campaign performance to deals. Now it’s easy to tie campaign performance to revenue. While your campaign emails may be well received, we’re giving you insight into which campaigns are driving sales for your business.

Invest in the Best Channels

Should you ramp up Facebook spend this month? Or invest more in PPC? A lead source and deal source breakdown show you at a glance which channels are bringing in the most prospects and opportunities for your sales team.

The Sales Rep

When you’re working on commission, your number one priority is to reach your sales goals. The new sales dashboard helps you zone in on your next customer win.

Tackle Tasks

Between calls, meetings and follow-up, it can be tough to keep your day running smoothly. That’s why we’ve put your tasks front and center on the dashboard.

Get Closer to the Money

We’ve made your hot prospects and newest deals easily accessible from the new sales dashboard. Work every opportunity with ease – and ensure hot prospects don’t slip through the cracks.

Follow-Up in Real Time

Finally, we gave the activity feed a ton of real estate, so it’s easy to see who is engaging with you right now so you know just who to follow-up with next.

The Sales Manager

You want to give your sales team all of the tools they need to succeed, and the sales dashboard gives you insight to help you do just that.

See What’s Coming Down the Pipe

Does marketing need to fill the top of your sales funnel? Do your closers need help getting your next customer to commit? With the sales pipeline, you have a bird’s eye view of the deals and revenue that are in process.

Monitor Activity

We know you don’t need a nanny cam to make sure your teammates are doing their job, but with a little insight into user activity, you can help your team manage and prioritize tasks so everyone can reach their goals.

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