It’s hard to sort through the noise of online trainings. There’s so many eBooks, influencers, and courses out there that’s difficult to figure out which ones are worth your time. Sales gurus have taken to the internet to espouse their wisdom, but sometimes their writings come off as a little preachy or out of touch.

There’s a wealth of information online that can help your business go to the next level. The right training can give you brand new ideas, exciting innovation opportunities, or reignite your inspiration. The trick is to find it. 

So, let’s look at a series of trainings and inspirational sales leaders that are true to their promise—their guidance can help your business find new areas of sales and success.

1. American Small Business Institute

The American Small Business Institute doesn’t look like much from their rather basic website, however, the knowledge inside is extremely helpful for writing advertising copy or coming up with marketing campaigns. The founder of the American Small Business Institute, Roy Williams, runs a marketing school in Austin, TX called the Wizard of Ads (and has a book series of the same name). While yes, that name does sound cheesy, his advertising writing style is simply captivating. In his video series, Roy teaches how to build engaging and memorable stories using your brand or product that sink your offerings into your customer’s consciousness. Whether you take his online course or visit the Wizard of Ads in person, his teachings will redefine the way you present your business to the public.

2. BE BOLD Live Training Session with Jeff Shore

There’s a lot of fear in the sales process. When it comes to the bottom line of your company and potential commission cash in your wallet, it’s hard to take risks that could inadvertently cause financial harm. Jeff’s seminar teaches principles discussed in his popular book, “Be Bold,” about the uncomfortable moments of the sales process. Many salespeople look to avoid rejection, awkward silences, client ghosting, and other uncomfortable situations. In fact, it’s common for many of us to find a level of complacency in our work. Jeff Shore looks to shake up your professional life and find ways to make meaningful connections with your clients through his in-person program. 

3. Jeb Blount at SalesGravy

Jeb Blount is a best-selling author about marketing, business, and sales. He’s often seen in the business world giving extremely engaging talks on prospecting, sales, and discipline. He has a powerful stage presence and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker. On his website, he maintains an excellent podcast that covers a lot of fascinating and useful topics for the sales professional, like effective listening skills, negotiation tactics, and competitive displacement. He also writes an in-depth blog that shares his professional insight and sales tactics and builds on topics covered in his books.

Jeb Blount is one of the best-known names in the industry, and between his podcast and blog, he offers an endless supply of excellent resources on his website for free. If you’re looking to gain some nuggets of information to add to your arsenal, and what to read them in an engaging and easy-to-digest way, Jeb’s works are worth a look.

4. Tiffani Bova at “What’s Next!” podcast

Tiffani Bova has been in the sales industry for more than 20 years. She now bills herself as a salesforce strategist and innovation evangelist. Tiffani is a business selling business author and speaking guest. While she is well known for her keynote engagements and published works, where her online presence really shines is through her podcast. Tiffani collaborates with some of the most influential minds in sales and marketing to have in-depth conversations about the industry and its people. Each episode features a different guest and topic, so there’s something new to learn every time. Outside of her podcast, Tiffani also distributes an email newsletter that is chock full of blog posts and articles about content marketing, lead generation, and tips for finding success in the business world.

Tiffani Bova’s approach to growth, innovation, and customer experience are worthy of emulation and extremely exciting to get a more in-depth look into.

There you have it. Four well-known movers and shakers in the industry to fill your head with excellent ideas. It’s easy to get complacent in sales. When you find a formula that works, it’s hard to want to break out of that mold. But, to truly shine in the world of business, you have to constantly learn, adapt, and innovate.

It’s important to surround yourself with fresh ideas and occasionally take a moment from your busy life to take in some new training or check out an insightful podcast. Not only can these influencers bring you great new ideas to implement, they just might reignite your spark for your industry.