In theory, lead generation is a cinch: add contact forms to your web pages, drive traffic to these pages, and boom — leads begin to trickle in. However, it doesn’t always work like that in the competitive marketing world. In fact, 61% of marketers consider lead generation their biggest challenge.

And for small businesses, lead generation can be even harder than it is for most. With a smaller team and potentially smaller budget, testing out various software and tools until finding the right one just isn’t an option. In this article, we’ll dissect six lead generation tools and share what we think is best about each of them so you can make the most informed decision when selecting the right software. 

6 Lead Generation Tools for Small Businesses

1. BenchmarkONE


  • Built-in CRM and sales automation 
  • Easy-to-use landing page and pop-up form builder
  • Enables tagging and list segmentation for personalized, automated email campaigns

BenchmarkONE is an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform for small businesses. It allows users to add pop-up forms and landing pages to their site so they can access the contact information of site visitors, enroll them in their email marketing, and convert them to leads for their business. BenchmarkONE offers multiple customizable templates and a drag-and-drop designer to easily build forms that match your branding.

Beyond that, BenchmarkONE allows you to automate tagging and lead scoring. Users can set up a system so that each lead accumulates points based on how they interact with site content and email campaigns. Leads are also tagged with various identifiers, so you can segment them into lists and send them personalized emails that address their specific needs. You can get a first-hand feel for the various lead generation features risk-free, thanks to the free forever plan. Get a quick tour of the software and sign up for free here.

2. Leadfeeder


  • Easy to track companies visiting your website
  • Simple contact segmentation based on region and industry
  • Ability to customize your ideal site visitor profile

Let’s say you add BenchmarkONE’s pop-up forms to your website. Some web visitors will willingly fill out the form and sign up for your email marketing. However, some will exit without converting. Previously, these leads were considered lost forever, but with Leadfeeder, you can track these visitors, see if they’re qualified leads, and access contact information so you can reach out to them. 

Leadfeeder has a free forever plan, but you’ll need a paid plan to unlock advanced lead generation tools. 

3. Hunter


  • Supports automated cold email campaigns
  • Offers fast email verification 
  • Has an excellent Google Chrome extension

Hunter has a lead contact look-up feature that works for small, medium, and large businesses. With this feature, all you have to do is enter the domain of a company, and it will serve up a list of email addresses for various employees. 

There’s a lot to like about this lead generation tool, and the email verification feature is the cream of the crop. Hunter assigns a confidence score to each email address based on how verifiable they are, making it easier to decide which leads are worth pursuing. 

Hunter offers a free forever plan. However, you’ll need a paid plan to unlock premium features, such as accessing all email addresses available in the domain search results. 

4. Overloop


  • Great Google Chrome extension
  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM software
  • Easy to set up drip campaigns

Overloop (formerly is an all-in-one CRM, sales engagement, and sales automation software. As a lead generation tool, it offers an effective email finder to locate your lead’s email address online. There’s an option to search a specific person’s email or use the CSV search tool to find emails in bulk. 

You can also use the Chrome extension to find email addresses with a single click. Once you find the email address, you can start conversations or launch cold email campaigns right from the Chrome browser. 

Overloop has a 14-day free trial that enables you to take the email finder for a spin worry-free.  



  • Locates email addresses on LinkedIn 
  • Validates emails in bulk
  • Offers email warm-up, so your sender reputation doesn’t suffer.

Like Overloop, comes with an excellent Chrome extension. The difference is that Reply’s Chrome extension doesn’t search the lead contact all over the web. Rather, it finds the email addresses on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.  

Another great feature is that lets you instantly add verified emails to multichannel sequences. Multichannel sequences are automated campaigns that let you engage with prospects via various channels like LinkedIn, SMS, email marketing, and WhatsApp messages. 

With’s free plan, you can search up to 200 business email addresses and export them via CSV file. If you need to look up more than 200 emails each month, you have to subscribe to a paid plan. 



  • Helps users easily find and collect leads
  • Easily organizes and prioritizes leads
  • Broad integration so you can use it alongside various other tools is another reliable lead generation tool that lets you find prospects’ emails online. What sets it apart from other tools is that it offers a host of search options. You can do a single email search, bulk email search, domain search, bulk domain search, or social URL search. 

Moreover, labels emails as valid, unverifiable, or invalid, so you don’t waste efforts pursuing leads that will never reply. This also helps to ensure you’re not emailing spam accounts and hurting your sender reputation in the process. 

You can get started with free plan or subscribe to a paid plan to unlock all search and verification options. 

Lead generation is one of the most important strategies for long-term success. It’s not easy to keep your inbound funnel flowing, but by using any of these tools or pairing some together, you’ll be able to easily fill your funnel with high-quality leads. And the more leads you have, the more potential customers you’ll have to share your brand with.