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CRM for Small Business


Every small business should have a CRM, but how do you choose the right one, implement it into your business and make sure it's firing on all cylinders?  We've got 20+ CRM articles to guide you from purchase to implementation to optimization and beyond. 


Why a Small Business CRM?


We talk a lot about CRM because, well, BenchmarkONE is a CRM. But beyond that, we use a CRM daily to grow our own business. Every small business needs a CRM to manage day-to-day processes efficiently.


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Purchasing a Small Business CRM


We know (from first hand experience) that small business aren't usually working with massive marketing budgets. But the CRM gods have made it very easy for small businesses to afford a CRM no matter the price. But how do you know which one is best for your needs? 


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Implementation of Your CRM


User adoption and onboarding is the most difficult part of a technology purchase for small businesses. But it's also the most important part. So how can you make sure your team engages with your CRM in a way that benefits your business?


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Tips for Using Your CRM


So you've chosen your CRM and you've got your team on board, but how do you make sure your CRM data doesn't go stale? Organization and optimization are key. 


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CRM Mistakes to Avoid


A CRM can be your business's greatest asset, but it can also be a time-sucking, money pit if used incorrectly (or not at all). If you know how to get started on the right foot and what mistakes to avoid, you'll be on the path to success in no time. 


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