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Tory Smith

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BenchmarkONE allows our clients to, with little learning curve, deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

For busy marketing agencies like Tory Smith’s, Bay Leaf Digital, managing clients with differing technical skills can be quite an undertaking. Bay Leaf Digital is a full-service digital marketing firm based in Texas focused on helping SaaS and tech companies grow their presence online.

Finding The Right Solution

Because most technology companies are in different stages of growth, for Smith’s agency there’s generally not a one-size-fits-all solution for every single client. So in his search for a marketing platform to fit his clients’ needs, his number one requirement was ease of use.

“Some of our clients are brand new to email automation, and so they don’t have an easy way to segment leads that come in and automate emails they want to send,” says Smith.

That’s where BenchmarkONE comes in.

Personalization at Scale

Like all of BenchmarkONE’s agency partners, Smith (and his clients) love BenchmarkONE’s pared down, user-friendly platform. Personalization is key for Smith’s clients so he appreciates the simplicity of tagging and segmentation within BenchmarkONE.

“With BenchmarkONE’s easy-to-use tagging, we help our clients identify the type of lead and industry and allow them to deliver a more specific message to their prospects,” says Smith. “The email campaigns allow them to automate outbound emails at scale – taking a lot of the manual steps away.”

For his growing SaaS clients, time and resources are limited so it’s important to focus and fine-tune marketing efforts where they’ll have the strongest impact. Smith’s agency is often tasked with not only getting into the inbox, but ensuring that they’re reaching the right prospects with the right outreach.

The Benefits of Automation

The best part of BenchmarkONE, Smith says, is, “when our clients faces light up as they’re introduced to the power of easy-to-use marketing automation. BenchmarkONE allows our clients to, with little learning curve, deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

And Bay Leaf Digital’s clients are certainly reaping the rewards of BenchmarkONE’s easy-to-use automation. Smith shared these results from one happy client:

Our guys used to be able to juggle about 25 active leads a month. After Bay Leaf helped us roll out BenchmarkONE’s marketing automation tied to a CRM, we can now keep up with over 45 leads a month which enabled us to close nearly double the deals in the same amount of time.

As a BenchmarkONE Agency Partner for several years, Bay Leaf Digital has been able to share the power of automation with many successful clients. When asked about what the single biggest reason Smith would recommend BenchmarkONE to another agency, he said “I have three, but the number one is ease of use. The others are: affordability and great support.”

It doesn’t get much better than that!

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