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Jason Hylan

Chief Strategist @ The Clix Group
BenchmarkONE is an integral part of our marketing efforts. It provides Clix with a robust, yet easy to use email marketing platform. Our partnership with BenchmarkONE has proven invaluable.

What was your greatest business or sales & marketing challenge(s) before using BenchmarkONE?

I think this really applies to many of our clients. BenchmarkONE creates the opportunity for us to do more with the consumers our clients service. With BenchmarkONE, we can create and implement strategy designed to nurture our clients’ consumers and keep our clients’ brands top of mind.

What solutions/tactics did you try before you started using BenchmarkONE? What were the results?

We never really attempted to market this solution. If anything came close to this, it was mailchimp, and its ability to run linear email marketing campaigns lacked automated intelligence. It’s not even comparable.

How has the one-two-punch of email marketing and CRM specifically addressed your challenges?

BenchmarkONE is a powerful piece of software that has helped us consolidate software providers and keep things simple. With the email marketing features, we can pull leads from the website right into a campaign that will nurture them. It’s a perfect relationship.

What measurable results have you seen through incorporating your email marketing with CRM?

Click through rates, open rates, conversions, etc… We’ve just begun implementing BenchmarkONE with our clients. We find the real value in BenchmarkONE’s conditional intelligence.

What specific problems has integrating email marketing with your CRM addressed that other small businesses might be able to relate to?

I think the biggest problem that is addressed is consumer intelligence. BenchmarkONE’s analytics paints you a picture of how efficient your email marketing is. By using BenchmarkONE, we are able to gain more valuable consumer intelligence that was once a mystery.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love pairing email marketing and CRM together with a product like BenchmarkONE?

I would recommend BenchmarkONE because the product itself is specialized and targeted. The support team is fantastic.

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