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Brian DeAntonio

President @ CROSStrax
BenchmarkONE gives me my CRM, lead forms, lead nurturing, email marketing, website tracking, and sales tools. It compliments WordPress wonderfully.

What sales and marketing challenges did you have that prompted you to look into BenchmarkONE?

I started using BenchmarkONE in October to assist in the marketing of our SaaS, CROSStrax. I could tell immediately, as far as marketing workflow automation goes it was very easy to use and understand. Just before BenchmarkONE we were using HubSpot at an astronomical price point; to the tune of $14,000 per year. To be fair, BenchmarkONE doesn’t have social media posting tools, landing pages, or website hosting; Hubspot does have those things. However, the quality of the products simply doesn’t compare, BenchmarkONE is by far a superior product as it pertains to marketing automation and at the end of the day, that’s what I was paying for and what I needed. I was already using Hootsuite to manage my social media and I use WordPress for my website and landing pages.

You left BenchmarkONE, but eventually came back (yay!).  Tell us about your experience.

I had a small issue with the forms in BenchmarkONE; my website wasn’t displaying them properly and it was taking some time to fix, so I cancelled my plan and moved on – HUGE MISTAKE! I thought I could find another system with forms that did what BenchmarkONE does and had seamless forms. What I learned was, no one does what BenchmarkONE does, NO ONE! I tried Active Campaign and that was a disaster. The people there were rude and sent out a mailing to my clients twice! This angered some of my clients and they unsubscribed from my list. Customer service simply doesn’t exist at AC and I could get no one on the phone to discuss. I then tried Agile CRM. They should be called Fragile CRM. I sent out a mailing from them and most of the emails went into spam folders and the integrations hey claim to have just didn’t work – smoke and mirrors. Customer service doesn’t exist at Agile CRM either and I couldn’t get anyone on the phone there. I tried ConvertKit as well. Nothing bad to say there, just didn’t have the CRM or some of the other features I was looking for. I also tried Campaign Monitor but never warmed up to the automation process they used, BenchmarkONE is much easier and user friendly.

About a week ago, I groveled back to BenchmarkONE and begged them to let me back as a client. I apologized profusely for allowing such a small issue to get in the way of me being a loyal client. Funny, I got someone on the phone right away, they set me back up as if I had never left and were over accommodating with helping me get back on track.

Share with us the top reasons you’d recommend BenchmarkONE to another SaaS company like CROSStrax.

BenchmarkONE gives me my CRM, lead forms, lead nurturing, email marketing, website tracking, and sales tools. It compliments WordPress wonderfully. Its literally exactly what I needed. You’ll find what sets BenchmarkONE apart is their partnership culture and the tremendous people who work there. They want you to be successful and are always available for even the stupidest of my questions. Don’t make the same mistake I did, start with BenchmarkONE and stay with BenchmarkONE – you’ll be glad you did!

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