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Grants & Program Support Manager @ End Brain Cancer Initiative
Since using BenchmarkONE we have cut our staff time required for data entry by over 50%. We have realized similar efficiencies with auto-population of our data base from new patient inquiries and other website forms.

What were your sales and marketing challenges before you used BenchmarkONE?

As a nonprofit, it is important that we have the right tools for brain cancer disease education and awareness, highlighting new clinical advances and promising therapies as well as those fighting this disease while living their life to the fullest.

We believe that among these emerging treatments are several that could potentially change brain cancer from being a devastating diagnosis, to one that is unpleasant, but manageable, as happened a couple of decades ago with AIDS and more recently with several other cancers.

Prior to BenchmarkONE, we had two databases, one for our constituents and another for outbound emails. This was a nightmare to manage, requiring duplicate entry of all names. We investigated other CRM systems, and found them too cumbersome and complex for our needs. Needless to say, we were actively seeking a solution that would make both email and database management as simple as possible.

How has BenchmarkONE specifically addressed your challenges?

BenchmarkONE provides an integrated solution for outbound educational emails (which we call eBlasts) to the brain tumor community both in the US and worldwide. It forms a key component of our education, awareness, and outreach efforts along with social media, digital media, and participation in online brain cancer support groups.

We have integrated BenchmarkONE’s online forms feature into our website so that the process of patient inquiries for assistance is seamless and their information is automatically captured in our BenchmarkONE CRM. This is invaluable for future patient and caregiver contact and for managing outbound communications to those we directly serve.

What was the big “Ah-Ha!” moment that made you decide to try BenchmarkONE?

The person who does graphic design for us and who was building our new website at the time discovered BenchmarkONE. He was keenly aware of our frustration with our old databases and recommended BenchmarkONE as an easy-to-use solution that would help move our organization forward. I am so glad he did!

What are two or three BenchmarkONE features you love?

We love the all-in-one aspect of BenchmarkONE. It is really great having all constituent information in one place!!!  It is extremely easy to add new names into the database and make sure we are reaching out to them and following up in a timely manner.

I also love the intelligent tracking within BenchmarkONE. Being able to see the degree of interest someone shows in our outbound emails is amazing. Data such as: did they open the emails? Did they click on the links? This information is extremely helpful to know prior to reaching out to them so we can have a more engaging conversation.

Integrating BenchmarkONE’s forms within our website has also been a huge plus. It has streamlined the process of getting our website visitors inquiries into our contact management system.

What measurable results have you seen since you started using BenchmarkONE?

We are way more organized now having everything in one system. Since using BenchmarkONE we have cut our staff time required for data entry by over 50%. We have realized similar efficiencies with auto-population of our data base from new patient inquiries and other website forms.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend BenchmarkONE to another business

In the nonprofit world, communication is key to getting your message out and educating your audience. BenchmarkONE gives us the integrated communication tools we need combined with simplified database management.

As we build out our organization and evolve our communications needs, we look forward to working with the BenchmarkONE team to further utilize some of BenchmarkONE’s more advanced capabilities to foster donor cultivation and enhance our communications.

Can you share how you’re using BenchmarkONE today as an example to other nonprofits?

As part of our celebration of May as National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, we hold an annual “Brains Matter” dinner which honors and celebrates patients and caregivers who are fighting this disease. A key feature of this event is presenting the EBCI National HOPE Award to a brain tumor patient who embodies HOPE in facing a brain cancer diagnosis. We use BenchmarkONE throughout this national education and awareness campaign to streamline and capture efficiencies within the end-to-end process:

First, we created the nomination form in BenchmarkONE and embedded it on our website. When someone enters a new nomination through this form, the following automations happen:

  • all responses are forwarded to the appropriate people in our organization
  • the information is auto-entered into our database and correctly tagged
  • the text of their nomination form is also stored for future review. This is important for creating the “patient stories” for those nominated.

Then, we use BenchmarkONE’s email marketing capabilities to message our audience and ask for nominations. The email links right back to the nomination form on our website.

As we capture new nominations, we also capture contact info for those doing the nominating. This way, we can easily reach back out to them – for instance, for photographs of those nominated, essential for a compelling story.

We create a web page to house all of the amazing stories we gather to inspire future patients. Then we can circle back to BenchmarkONE’s email marketing to

  • give a huge THANK YOU to all who nominated and of course to the underwriter of this campaign.
  • share the stories web page with our general audience.

All of this is done with the aim of updating and improving NCCN guidelines and clinical practices related to Standard of Care for brain tumor and brain cancer patients and making more treatment options available for patients.

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Located in Seattle, Washington, the EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI – formerly the Chris Elliott Fund) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to increasing survivorship and improving quality of life for brain cancer patients.

EBCI is now celebrating 16 years of service to brain cancer patients and their families nationally. It was founded in 2002 by Dellann Elliott Mydland and her late husband, Christopher Stewart Elliott, in response to his brain cancer experience. Thanks to a groundbreaking clinical trial, Chris survived twice as long as his initial prognosis predicted. Three weeks before he succumbed to brain cancer, he told Dellann emphatically, “We must do something about this disease!”

Our mission is to enhance patient outcomes by: 1) expanding FDA-approved treatment modalities; 2) fueling research in the bio/life sciences industries; and 3) closing the existing gap between initial diagnosis and immediate, expanded access to specialists, researchers, advanced and innovative treatments, clinical trials and critical care.

Since our founding, we have helped thousands of patients, caregivers, and their families nationally and have become a credible and trusted resource at all levels in the brain cancer treatment community, from patients to research institutions to pharmaceutical and regulatory entities.