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Coach Roz Harris

Owner @ Fit Chicks!
I’m starting a 12 week nurturing campaign to massage old leads and former clients and expect to see 2-5 new clients just walk in ready to ENROLL.

Coach Roz’s sales and marketing challenge:

My email provider services were limited and lacked both customization and client follow-up systems. I wasn’t able to follow-up constantly and consistently with leads, former clients, prospects and especially current clients in a way that saved me time, money, but was effective at the same time.

The top three BenchmarkONE features she loves:

I use tag rules to segment my list and trigger autoresponders and email campaigns.  Custom fields are a life saver in setting up BenchmarkONE’s CRM specifically for my needs, while tasks and notifications keep me focused on priority follow-ups so I can get back to helping my clients reach their goals.

The problems BenchmarkONE solved that all Small Businesses can relate to:

It’s a marketing tool whose ROI is a no-brainer. You can see how your emails are performing, and get insights into your sales pipeline.  It’s a tool that actually shows you where your marketing efforts are paying off the most so you can continue to invest in those campaigns or channels.

Measurable results Coach Roz has seen since she started using BenchmarkONE:

I was able to create and execute a contest involving 40 clients using BenchmarkONE. The contest, Fit Chicks! Survivor, was so much fun and a huge community builder. Using BenchmarkONE, new client and lead follow-up is seamless. Once the campaign is built, it just works. I’m starting a 12 week nurturing campaign to massage old leads and former clients and expect to see 2-5 new clients walk in ready to ENROLL – all because I am able to stay top-of-mind automatically.

The single biggest reason Coach Roz would recommend BenchmarkONE:

BenchmarkONE is just right for the micro-business and small business owner. Other CRMs are strictly focused on sales (Salesforce), or too big/complicated (InfusionSoft), or lack functionality (Coaches Console). BenchmarkONE is flexible, manageable, scalable and the customer service rocks! Having a dedicated consultant to walk me through the onboarding process, as well as the ability to talk to tech support whenever I have an issue really helps. The BenchmarkONEers on their team really work to understand MY strategy, give me best practices, but not force fit something to my business that is not going to work. I love that!!!

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