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After signing up we were in the software and up and running in no time. With SharpSpring it took 50 hours just to get up and running and it was far too complex for my employees to rollout to our client base.

What were your sales and marketing challenges before you used BenchmarkONE?

Our biggest challenge was to find a way to take the marketing responsibilities off of our client’s plate so they could focus on growing their business. So many of our clients need process and technology help. It was challenging finding the right software for our clients; most of the platforms out there are just over-built for their needs. We also needed a sales and marketing platform that enabled us to better manage our client accounts in one spot.

How has BenchmarkONE specifically addressed your challenges?

The clients we work with don’t typically have a sales or marketing system in place. BenchmarkONE allows us to easily build a predictable process for our clients so they can drive more leads and better follow up with prospects and customers.

What was the big “Ah-Ha!” moment that made you decide you needed to try BenchmarkONE?

After leaving networking events, I would come back to our office and have to manually send a follow up email to everyone I spoke to. The big “ah-ha!” moment was that with BenchmarkONE, I can now add them to the CRM and automatically start them on a follow-up campaign – saving me time and driving more sales.

I would also say that not only is BenchmarkONE a perfect fit for my clients, it is a valuable tool for their sales people. They love being able to set it and forget it and get reminders when tasks are due or when someone is sales ready. Sales intelligence is made easy with BenchmarkONE.

What are two or three BenchmarkONE features you love?

The ability to send email notifications and let my assistant know what she needs to do without even logging in to BenchmarkONE. Super cool!

Also, to have a single sign on and be able to access all my client accounts in one spot is super convenient and saves time in my day.

Lastly, I would say the campaign builder. Before BenchmarkONE we were using SharpSpring and it took 5 times longer to create a campaign. BenchmarkONE is much simpler, the logic is well thought through, and I don’t have to jump through a ton of screens to launch a campaign to prospects and customers.

What measurable results have you seen since you started using BenchmarkONE?

Number one, my employees can implement Hatcbuck with our clients. After signing up we were in the software and up and running in no time. With SharpSpring it took 50 hours just to get up and running and it was far too complex for my employees to rollout to our client base.

BenchmarkONE has allowed us to deliver a better client experience and own our clients better. As part of our service offering, all of our clients get BenchmarkONE now. We can add new clients on BenchmarkONE and they see the benefits of following up with the leads we generate and can better follow up with customers.

At the end of the day, delivering value to my customers is a night and day difference since I made the switch to BenchmarkONE.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend BenchmarkONE to another business?

I would say I have two. The first big reason is to standardize your sales process. BenchmarkONE makes it simple to put in a repeatable process for connecting with your contacts and driving sales. Second, I would have to say the customer care team at BenchmarkONE. Their support does a great job at responding right away to whatever we need, they are lightning fast.

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Tell me about yourself and your business

For fun or to pay for the fun?

For fun I am an Ironman that loves rock climbing, traveling to foreign countries, and living on my motorcycle (and yes my awesome wife goes with me). This year it’s Switzerland and Germany. To keep up with the outdoor activities I work out 30 hours per week.

Fun Fact: I once raced in an Ironman with Lance Armstrong – and yes he is fast.

goBRANDgo! is the 4th company I’ve launched, and the 1st company I launched out of college. Our history is the same as many entrepreneurs.

We started with a passion. We grew that passion into an idea. We developed that idea into a plan and then we evolved that plan into a mission.

We have faltered. We have struggled. We have adapted and we have overcome. Our experiences and our challenges have shaped us. Our successes and our triumphs have been humbly celebrated.

goBRANDgo! started as an undergraduate’s idea over a decade ago; transforming over time and with care into a creative marketing community, built by a team to withstand the perils of entrepreneurship. Our competitive advantage lies in our cultivated ability to adapt to the needs of our environment and our marketplace. Our path is guided by our passion for efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence.

What I love most about goBRANDgo! is that it’s a place where people come to work to do their life’s work. We foster an environment where you get to do what you love for people that are inspiring. We have transformed form a full service agency to what our market needed. Ongoing strategy, outsourced CMO services, and website development. We build really awesome WordPress sites. We currently employ 7 team members and have clients around the globe, with our furthest client in Germany.