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Travis Arnold

Founder @ Harbinger Labs
BenchmarkONE helps me organize forms, contacts and emails without jumping to a bunch of different tools. Having used other marketing automation tools, it's nice to have the big budget functionality in a simple and straightforward package.

Harbinger Labs is a boutique marketing agency that works directly with software companies. Having sat in the software marketer’s seat, they offer a unique and seasoned perspective for reaching customers and impacting growth. From strategy to tactics, SEO to design, Harbinger Labs has it covered and has worked with software companies all over the United States.

Key Results

  • Reduced application overhead
  • Drove $30,000 in new business
  • Increased lead volume by 65%

Summarize three points of frustration you faced before you started to use BenchmarkONE. How has BenchmarkONE specifically addressed those problems?

We didn’t have visibility as to what our prospects and subscribers were doing on the site. We’ve used the higher-end marketing automation tools and it is missed with email transmission tools. Basically we were stuck in the middle of not enough functionality with simple email submission tools and didn’t want the bloat or costs of higher-end marketing automation. BenchmarkONE fit right in the middle and gave us a feature-set similar to the marketing automation tools and powerful enough to chain emails together and set campaigns based on visitor interaction. We’re marketers, so having a smarter system that was similar to what we’ve used in the past was very refreshing.

Another problem we were having was with tracking sales activities. BenchmarkONE has a simple CRM component that is integrated into the marketing and email tools, so keeping prospects engaged is actually very easy.

We were paying for a bunch of separate tools. We had a form management tool, an email transmission tool and were always bouncing between systems to send emails etc…. BenchmarkONE has it all built in and is super simple and super clean which allowed us to drop the other subscriptions and only work out of the one tool.

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try BenchmarkONE?

I had seen BenchmarkONE at a local tech event and knew the CEO, so I decided to get the low-down on the tool and walk through a demonstration. It was pretty clear from the demo that it could replace what I was using and gave me a feature-set that I didn’t have at the time.

What are the top three features you love about BenchmarkONE? Why do you love them?

Form creation is very handy. We do alot of landing pages and creating forms, associating them to campaigns and setting up actions like tagging, auto response emails and status changes are really helpful.

I also like just being able to send emails directly from my contact database. It gives me a bit more insight into what’s going on w/o jumping from system to system.

Honestly, just importing my contacts from other systems and social networks has saved a lot of time. I can pull in my Linkedin contacts for example and message them.

What specific problems has BenchmarkONE addressed that other small businesses might be able to relate to?

It helps me keep things organized, in one tool. It also gives me insight into what my prospects and customers are up to and what they’re interested in. I send a monthly newsletter and being able to see who opened at what time and where they went on my site helps me better address their hopes/dreams/fears.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love BenchmarkONE?

The biggest reason; I get the features that bigger marketing automation tools have wrapped in a great user interface that makes it easy to run the marketing side of the house.

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