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Philip Pasma

Marketing Coordinator @ J/E Bearing & Machine
Now, we’re getting more quotes, and our audience is more aware of our products and services. Once we were up and running, we acquired 2 new customers and drove $70,000 in sales from our email marketing efforts.

J/E Bearing and Machine is an all-in-one custom machine shop that has over 30 years of machining experience.

J/E provides CNC machining, general machining, repair/overhaul and bearing & power transmission products to industries across North America. From the farmer down the road to multi-million dollar manufacturers, J/E provides lasting machining solutions. With the ability to supply more products and services in-house, they can help improve productivity, reduce costs and provide an increase return on investment.

What was your greatest business or sales & marketing challenge(s) before using BenchmarkONE?

We had a CRM software, but had no email marketing or marketing automation capabilities.  We really needed another system that allowed us to reach the contacts we had been housing in our CRM.

What measurable results have you seen with BenchmarkONE?

Once we implemented BenchmarkONE, we were able to kick-off our email marketing efforts.  Now, we’re getting more quotes, and our audience is more aware of our products and services.  One of the first emails we sent was sent to our customers to encourage them to opt-in to our company newsletter.  That email saw a 35.55% click-through rate.  We were also able to acquire 2 new customers and drive $70,000 in sales from our email marketing efforts.

What BenchmarkONE features do you find to be the most helpful?

The contact filters have been very helpful for us, especially the “Actions” filter. You can easily see who has opened emails, who has not been sent an email and who has filled out a particular form.  It’s really nice.  Email templates have also been key in helping us to customize great looking newsletters.

With BenchmarkONE, we now have forms on our website that generate leads and pull contact information all into BenchmarkONE’s CRM, so our contacts are all in one place.  Once they fill out the form, we can see when these new leads click on links and visit other pages of our website.  We can also send autoresponder emails from our forms, so we’re automatically following-up with new contacts.

Onboarding has been straightforward.  It’s not overwhelming, but it has definitely been helpful in getting us up and running.  Response is always quick, and our BenchmarkONE consultant is great at helping us with questions that go beyond BenchmarkONE and are more marketing-specific.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend BenchmarkONE to another business?

I don’t think it’s just one reason, but the ease of use has been huge, and the price is very affordable compared to other solutions out there.  It’s so easy to just get up and running.  Ease of use and price were a big factor in our decision.  A lot of people are still new to marketing automation, so it’s nice not to spend a ton of money on features they don’t have experience with when they aren’t really aware of the functionality they’ll need.


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