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From one email I've booked $1,520 in cleanings for next week and $11,000 in annual recurring revenue from ongoing cleanings. Pretty happy with myself! - and BenchmarkONE!

What were your sales and marketing challenges before you used BenchmarkONE?

After being in business for 10 years, our list of customers who had used our services previously had gotten into the thousands. We were looking for a system that would allow us to market to our customer base and identify those customers that show an interest in more services.

Our website had a form on it that allowed visitors to fill out a request for an estimate. The form then just came to us as an e-mail and none of the information was captured. We needed a way to track these prospects and create tasks so we would follow up as promised.

After every cleaning visit, we send a link to a scorecard so the customer can let us know how we did. Again, the results were just an email back to us. We needed a way to track these results and to follow up with customers who were really happy with our services so that they would leave 5 Star review for us on Google and Yelp.

Every time a prospect inquired about service, we found ourselves recreating a follow up email and having to attach PDF’s of our company literature. We needed a way to simplify this and provide for a consistent way to communicate with prospects – and know if they are opening our e-mails, reading our literature and checking out our online reviews.

How has BenchmarkONE specifically addressed your challenges?

Thanks to the remarkable onboarding process at BenchmarkONE, and the ease of use of the platform, we were able to address all of those needs and more. For instance, we now not only have a good grasp of how we are performing on our scoreboards, we have started tracking our NPS score and using that to determine bonuses for our staff. Our customer service level has improved as well.

What was the big “Ah-Ha!” moment that reinforced your decision to try BenchmarkONE?

As a former corporate VP of Sales and Marketing, I was familiar with the power of automated digital marketing. However, the cost and complexity of the big name services prevented me from rolling this out for our small cleaning business. BenchmarkONE has given us the features that we need and can use effectively, at a price that is affordable for us. In fact, BenchmarkONE has proven to be a profitable addition to our marketing mix – more than paying for itself with the new customers that we have been able to acquire from our lists.

What’s one BenchmarkONE feature that you can’t live without?

Being able to have prospects fill out forms and then create a CRM record and update it has been a game changer.

What measurable results have you seen since you started using BenchmarkONE?

Did a mailing to all of our inactive customers yesterday. I had not sent them an email in about 6 months. I got a 27% Open Rate with a simple 10% off email! From one email I’ve booked $1,520 in cleanings for next week and $11,000 in annual recurring revenue from ongoing cleanings.Pretty happy with myself! – and BenchmarkONE!

What’s the single biggest reason you would recommend BenchmarkONE to another business?

In our industry, our scheduling and billing software is the brains of the company. BenchmarkONE is the central nervous system. It makes sure that we are communicating with current customers (scorecards, monthly newsletters, scheduled follow up) and tracking future customers (incoming estimates forms, drip campaigns to previous customers, professional follow up emails that can be tracked). And BenchmarkONE does all of this at a very affordable monthly price. The ROI is off the chart in my opinion.

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