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Win more health and fitness business

Coaches, trainers and health & fitness gurus love BenchmarkONE as a simple and affordable sales and marketing platform for generating leads and winning more clients.

Keep track of performance

The best way to drive new opportunities and close more deals for your health and fitness business? Know what’s working. With dashboard insights, you can see which channels are driving business. Focus on the best channels and watch sales and marketing ROI skyrocket.

Coach Roz Harris | Owner

I’m starting a 12 week nurturing campaign to massage old leads and former clients and expect to see 2-5 new clients just walk in ready to ENROLL.

Don’t let your leads go cold

BenchmarkONE is a simple, affordable way to stay in touch with hot prospects and automate follow-up with deals in your sales pipeline.

Manage contacts in one place

BenchmarkONE’s integrated CRM makes it simple to manage relationships with your customers and prospects.

Send killer emails

Drag & drop builder. Pre-designed email templates. Plain text or code your own. Our suite of email marketing tools makes it simple to execute brilliantly designed email templates.

Deliver a more personal experience

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be complicated. Easily capture new leads on your website, automate follow-up and segment contacts to send hyper-relevant email campaigns.

Highest-rated in customer satisfaction

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