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Hubspot Alternative

Agencies love BenchmarkONE as a simple and affordable sales and marketing platform for their small business clients.


Save Thousands

For smaller teams or for agencies with small business clients, BenchmarkONE is an affordable alternative to expensive, bloated tools – like Hubspot.  Our easy-to-use platform means you can get up and running on the app in hours, not weeks. See how we compare.

Marketing Hub
Plan: Professional
Contacts: 2,000
CRM: Included
Email Marketing: Included
Marketing Automation: Included
Blogging Platform: Included
Landing Pages: Included
Startup Fees: $3,000
Price: $800/mo.
Total for Hubspot Marketing Suite*
Best of Breed
Plan: Core
Contacts: 1,000
CRM: Included
Email Marketing: Included
Marketing Automation: Included
Blogging Platform: Wordpress ($0/mo.)
Landing Pages: Included
Startup Fees: None. Nada. Zip. $0.
Price: $109/mo.
Total for BenchmarkONE + Wordpress*
(example best of breed solution)



(first year of service, inclusive of startup fees)

All-In-One Sales and Marketing Software That’s Easy to Use

Spend less time navigating software and more time creating winning marketing campaigns.

Manage Contacts in One Place

BenchmarkONE’s integrated CRM makes it simple for your clients to follow up on leads delivered through your marketing programs. Demonstrate measurable value and win repeat business.

Send Killer Emails

Drag & Drop Builder. Pre-designed Email Templates. Plain Text. Or Code Your Own.
Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways for your clients to reach their audience. Our suite of email marketing tools makes it simple for agencies to execute brilliantly designed email templates.

Deliver a More Personal Experience

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be complicated. Easily capture new leads on your client’s website. Intelligently automate follow-up. Dynamically segment contacts based on their interests and actions to send hyper-relevant email campaigns. Automatically send hot leads to your client’s door.

Extend Services to Your Small Business Clients

Become a BenchmarkONE Certified Partner and get the tools you need to turn your project-based work into a stream of predictable revenue for your business.

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Highest Rated in Customer Satisfaction

BenchmarkONE offered a platform that was far more intuitive to use, provided easy to understand data that clients could quickly comprehend and better fit the needs of our clients.

Dan O’Donnell | 2 The Top Marketing

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