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The All-in-One Alternative to Mailchimp

Don’t Monkey Around with Standalone Email Marketing. Get Email Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation in One Powerful App.


Track Email Activity and Manage Contacts in the Same Place

Send polished email templates, easily segment your contacts and automate follow-up. It’s easy to stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Look like a design pro without touching HTML code. Simply drag and drop your content to create the perfect email template.

Pre-Designed Email Templates

Want to leave email design to the pros? Grab a pre-designed email template from our expansive library and hit send. Reaching out to contacts is fast and easy.

HTML Email Editor

Access your inner email nerd code your own. Or copy and paste templates from another system. Our HTML editor makes it all possible.

Simple All-In-One Sales and Marketing Software

It’s time to put email marketing and contact management under one roof.

Manage Prospects and Customers in One Place

Exporting lists from your CRM into Mailchimp? Manually adding email marketing history to your CRM? With BenchmarkONE you can track email marketing history, notes and tasks in the same app – saving time, reducing mistakes and eliminating frustration.

Deliver a Personalized Experience to the Inbox

Email marketing is still the best digital channel for reaching prospects and customers. But, if you’re relying on just a monthly email send, you’re leaving money on the table. Instead, send highly targeted content to your audience at just the right time in their customer journey to squeeze every opportunity out of your sales pipeline.

Free Up Time with Automation

Unlike traditional email marketing platforms, BenchmarkONE automates follow-up based on your contacts’ preferences. Dynamically segment your list based on their interests, create tasks, and notify your sales team with hot lead alerts. With marketing automation running in the background, you can focus on what you do best – building relationships with prospects and customers.


New to sales and marketing software? We’re here to help. Our live, one-on-one training and ongoing support is free – so you’ll never be left out in the cold. We know that it’s not enough to just learn how to use a new tool – you have to have an overall strategy. We’ll help you to nail down your sales and marketing strategy and put a sales and marketing process in place.

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