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BenchmarkONE Outlook Add-In

Increase productivity and improve communication with the power of BenchmarkONE in your Outlook inbox


Custom Install Instructions

Important note: The BenchmarkONE add-in is available for Office Exchange users only. If you do not see the add-in option within your Office email client, this feature may not be available to you. Please visit the BenchmarkONE Help Deck for more information.

Steps 1 & 2

Open Outlook. In the home page ribbon, select the "Get Add-ins" button.

get add-ins
get add-ins button big

Step 3

Select the "My add-ins" menu item.

my add-ins

Step 4

Click on “+ Add a custom add-in” and choose "Add from URL..."

add from url

Step 5

Enter in the dialog that appears and select "OK."

enter url

Step 6

Click “Install” on the usage warning dialog that appears.


Step 7

Verify that the install completes and that you see BenchmarkONE listed under "Custom add-ins." Close the add-ins window.

bmo custom add-in

Step 8

Notice that the BenchmarkONE Add-in now appears in the home page ribbon. Clicking the BenchmarkONE button will open the add-in in a side panel.

NOTE: You must have an email opened in order for the panel to appear after clicking the add-in button.

panel install version

Step 9

Pin the BenchmarkONE Add-in by clicking the pushpin icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will keep the side panel open any time you're in Outlook.

Step 10

Setup is complete. Simply enter your login credentials and unleash the power of BenchmarkONE in your inbox!



What if I don't have the “Get Add-In” button?

No problem. Check out this helpful article from Microsoft to add the button to your Outlook.


What if I have the web version of Outlook? 

You're in luck! We've put together this handy step-by-step guide for install & access for Outlook's web version.


What can I do with BenchmarkONE's Outlook Add-In?

Great question! Check out our feature overview on the blog to learn more about everything our Outlook Add-In has to offer.