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How to Build a Successful Agency Retainer Business

Learn to Build More Predictable, Reliable Income With a Retainer-Based Strategy

Grow your agency with recurring revenue and more engaged clients

Having predictable, reliable income is something agencies strive for. It not only ensures their businesses will stay afloat, but it also allows them to shift their focus towards other important things, like servicing customers well and increasing client value.

In this webinar, agency experts BenchmarkONE and Wordstream join forces to discuss the value of building a successful agency retainer business, and how to go about doing it. Join Katie Culp, Partner and Customer Success at BenchmarkONE, and Nick Byrne, Agency Consultant at Wordstream, as they cover:

What You'll Learn

  • The value of growing agency retainer business
  • How to determine bundles that will attract clients
  • Sales & marketing platform features to consider
  • How to drive ongoing ROI for clients and more!