LinkedIn and BenchmarkONE Lead Generation Webinar - BenchmarkONE

Generate 100+ New Leads Now

How to Create a High-Power Lead Engine with LinkedIn

An instant recipe for using LinkedIn to find and connect with new leads in your target audience.

Generating leads for your small business is an ongoing struggle.

If you're going to keep your small businesses profitable, you need to be actively generating leads, setting up meetings with prospects, and increasing sales. However, when it comes to these efforts, it can feel like you've exhausted all your resources. But that simple isn't true.

In this webinar, Kevin McCann, President and CEO of Lead-Launcher, walks you through how to use LinkedIn alongside marketing automation tool BenchmarkONE to create successful outreach campaigns that keep your lead funnel flowing.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create a targeted list in LinkedIn and connect with that list at scale.
  • How to generate meetings with your ideal customer profile.
  • How to turn those leads into new customers with a step-by-step process.

Start creating and sharing the right content with the right leads at the right time.