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The Big Guide to Small Budget Marketing

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Brought to you by the SMB experts at BenchmarkONE and Kabbage.

Small Budget, Big Ideas

BenchmarkONE and Kabbage have teamed up to bring you the best marketing strategies for businesses that need to do more with less.

In today’s digital landscape, small business marketing is more complex and technical than it was in the past. Without a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to launch a successful marketing campaign, it’s difficult to know where to start, how you should be investing your marketing budget — or when to ask for help.

So, how do you start creating a successful marketing campaign on a small business budget?

What You'll Learn

  • Know your target market inside out
  • Recognize the best opportunities for increasing market share
  • Connect with leads before they become customers
  • Nurture leads for future sales
  • Automate repetitive aspects of your marketing campaign
  • Personalize communication to make your prospects feel valued and appreciated
  • Build a reputation based on your business’s unique vision and culture
  • And add a host of other benefits that come with gaining exposure


This handy guide will give you expert insight into the best marketing strategies in use today, as well as a game plan for putting together a marketing budget that will set you up for success.


This Guide Brought to You by BenchmarkONE in Partnership with Kabbage

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