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Buyer Personas Drive Better Results for Your Business

According to MLT Creative, using buyer personas in an email campaign can increase email open rates by 2x and boost clickthrough rates by 5x.

Personas are an imaginary depiction of your ideal customer – but they are rooted in real life.  When you align your sales, marketing, and business model to cater to your personas, you can attract better leads and win more customers. And if you think you’re too small to leverage buyer personas, think again. One of the advantages of being a small business owner is that you connect with your customers every day.  Likely, you’re more in touch with your customers than say the CEO or VP of Marketing at a large corporation.

The first versions of your personas might be built on educated guesses and hypothesis.  That’s a great start, since you innately know things about your customer base.  But don’t assume anything.  Reach out to your customers and prospects in your target market to continue to learn about their identity, motivations and challenges.  Continue to revisit your personas and let them evolve as you discover more about their real-life counterparts.