CareerPlug Webinar - BenchmarkONE
Remote Hiring - Creating Exceptional Experiences@2x

Remote Hiring: Creating Exceptional Experiences

A Webinar on How Small Businesses Can Tackle Remote Hiring

Hire the right people for your small business, no matter where they’re located

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. Tons of small businesses are adjusting the way they sell, the way their employees work, and the way they hire. In this webinar, hosted by BenchmarkONE, Natalie Morgan, Sr. Director of People at CareerPlug, discusses key data from the CareerPlug 2021 Hiring Trends Report.

What You’ll Learn

  • Hiring stats, trends, and common practices from CareerPlug's 2021 Hiring Trends Report
  • Why remote hiring is here to stay
  • Steps small businesses can take to ensure they hire the best employee for their needs
  • The list collection and management practices that lead to higher deliverability
  • Tips for small businesses to enhance their employer brand

Expand your talent pool and get the most qualified employees to work for your small business.