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The Content Marketing Playbook

A Workbook for Small Businesses



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Nail Down Your Business’s Content Strategy

As a busy business owner, you are in the trenches every day, keeping your business running smoothly.

Creating content might not be at the top of your list…

But it should be.

Attracting the right buyers, boosting SEO, and staying top-of-mind with your audience are all powerful reasons why your content strategy matters.

The Content Marketing Playbook will help you get your content strategy out of your head and down on paper, giving you another effective tool to move the ball down the court for your business:

What You'll Learn

  • Identify & Segment Your Audience
  • Discover Where Interests & Expertise Intersect
  • Create & Deliver the Content
  • Measure & Optimize Your Strategy
  • Content Marketing Worksheets – so you can get your strategy on paper in a jiff.