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Send Personalized Emails That Convert

Successful Businesses are Sending Email at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Email marketing is an essential marketing tool for businesses. It can drive traffic to your website. It can build a powerful, well-regarded brand. It can drive repeat sales and develop lasting, profitable customer relationships. Done right, email marketing gives a huge boost to lead generation and sales results.


But it’s not always easy to get email marketing right. Done poorly, email marketing can damage your reputation and negatively impact your business.


This series will help you use email to market like a pro. Sign up for our six day course. We will take a look at the recommended stages of the email marketing process:

  • Introductory Email (New Leads)
  • Lead Nurturing Email (Prospects)
  • Upsell Email (New Customers)
  • Referral Email (Current Customers)
  • Win-Back Email (Former Customers)

Each day we will break down email messages at each stage in the customer journey. We’ll also include a written example of how each email might look.

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