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Lead Gen 101: A 5-Day Course for B2Bs

Get access to our proven framework for generating a steady stream of quality leads. The best part is, you don’t need a huge team or big budget to pull it off.

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Love your business, but hate scrambling to get new customers?

In this 5-day email course, we’ll cover how to:

  • Captivate more, higher-quality prospects.
  • Turn website visitors into real, bonafide leads
  • Read their minds (sort of).
  • Start a real conversation – ‘cause you’re not a robot.
  • Close the deal. We know you’re passionate about your work, but you gotta eat, too.


How do we know it works?  We’re proud to say that we’ve used this exact same framework to grow BenchmarkONE and have helped countless of our customers do the same with easy-to-use sales and marketing tools.

Learn Lead Gen in 5 Days


Captivate More Prospects

Meet Your Ideal Buyer
Coax More People to Your Website


Connect with Visitors

Create a Lead Magnet
Capture Info with Landing Pages


Organize Your Data

Tag and Segment Your Leads
Score Your Leads
Get to Know Marketing Automation


Turn Emails into Conversations

Personalize Email
Build Campaigns


Close the Deal

Identify Who’s Hot and Ask for the Sale
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